Game #1 @ WPG

The cuts are made, Small is back on the active roster (thank goodness), we signed a National backup RB, and we have a completely revamped Secondary, LB corps (except Simoni), Receivers, and upgraded (I hope) O-line.

Oh, and we also signed BLM to a contract. All reports that I have read/watched/heard (couldn’t see him in action pre-season - walking my aging dog had priority) say that he appears to have no issues with his previous injuries. I sincerely hope that remains to be the case, although Shiltz played decently too.

@Crash posted a great depth chart, it will be interesting to see how it matches with the official one later this week.

Finally, all the remaining games will be on TSN so nobody has to jump through hoops in order to view it (registering, casting/HDMI to TV/HT, use of a VPN in order to watch an RDS feed, etc).

Let’s get everyone’s thoughts - on the game, on the players, on the team, on the weather, on the air quality out West, on in-game dinner ideas - you get the idea.


In pre spending days would they have still made the Kongbo move ? Hard to say . But is encouraging Stein and Co. , again, arent settling.

With the two new signings brings us to 51 players 23 off 25 def and 3 special teams (kicker punter and LS) makes u wonder which 6 will be on 1 game suspension if we have to dress 45 players for Friday

Do you think HSG (and mainly Scott Mitchell) have given Stein & Co. all the orders and resources to go out and acquire all the talent that you think will help us get to the Grey Cup game this year?


I would be shocked if they weren’t told to go $99,999.99 over the cap if they have to . At $100,000 or more you start to lose draft pick.

Maybe Ja’Gared Davis isn’t ready to go? Surprised BC would let Kongbo go with Menard And Betts there but maybe they don’t plan on starting both. Could be a steal for a 4th round pick but he’s had injury issues. Kongbo was pretty hyped in the 2019 draft, similar to Bemiy and Uguak this year.

We’ll never know who was on their wish list beyond who they landed or if some were Plan Bs. Significant upgrades in places, maybe some saw-offs in others, adding Milanovich was a nice shocker. Maybe as important theyre showing ambition and a change in philosophy, if thats the right word, that the same old same old gets you into the playoffs in the East then hope for the best.
They have set the bar high and now have to show they can more than compete and beat anybody. Racking up enough points from meh East teams just isnt going to convince people to start planning GC parties.


BC is rich in Canadian defensive end depth. They had to get rid of someone.

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From Kongbo’s Twitter,


Too many Lions pulled the chute after Rourke left ? In the end its essentially calling out your coach and that cant stand. Sounds like a line was crossed.

Yes they were (and could still possibly land former top draft pick DE Daniel Joseph who was bouncing around the States pro leagues).

But then Kongbo goes to a team that was as rich (IMO) in Canadian D-Line talent (Bennett, Boateng, Federico at DE, plus Laurent, Diallo, Martin at DT); nice to have the depth/talent and a lot of teams now use plenty or D-line rotation now; but we’ll see how much of it gets to play. Kongbo played at both DE and some DT when with the Bombers.

Meanwhile, some other CFL teams are kinda thin at Canadian D-line talent (either DT or DE) and seems to me could have used a guy like Kongbo more.

Injury report for Wk 1.

I see van zeyl and Figueroa are on the injured list
I hope they play because Hamilton needs to protect Bo
I still don’t think they beat Winnipeg this week even if they play
In my opinion the secondary is still a major? Especially at that boundary corner
I think Winnipeg is going to pick us apart

Has there been a team with 7 Canadian DL? Don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

I’m still a bit concerned about the secondary as well. Big matchup in my mind is Winnipeg’s own 6’-6” guy Agudosi against one of our cornerbacks. Could be a huge physical mismatch there. Then Schoen and Demski at slotback. Defensive line is really going to need an outstanding game to keep Zach off balance and force him to throw early.


Doubtful; and I’ll be surprised if the Ticats dress more than 4. Back in the days of smaller CFL rosters, most teams likely only dressed 6 D-linemen total.

The RedBlacks started 3 Canadian D-linemen in their GC win of 2016.

Interesting that the active roster currently sits at 53 players or 8 over the limit and the Injury report sits at exactly 8 players listed . It’s just a guess on my part but I’m thinking that those 8 listed on the report are most likely going to be our inactives to get down to the gameday roster for Friday night .

My prediction is that Bennett , Davis , Figs , VanZeyl and Williams all go to the 1 gm IL and Fontana , Manalo and Ternowski go to the 6 gm IL .

Well there are some injuries there for sure - don’t think Bennett or Boateng played in the preseason. Diallo and Laurent will rotate in the middle with Sayles. Federico will be on special teams. Kongbo possibly dresses if he’s up to speed. Reece Martin on practice roster.

I think this will be a glorified preseason game.

As long as we come out with the ‘W’ I honestly don’t give a damn if it’s glorified or not .