Game 1 Score Prediction Thread

Cats in a squeaker - 35-34.

What say you?

Stamps 73
Cats 13

Cats-28....Stampede 45

that is too many points. The Cats that is :slight_smile:

37-24 Stamps

Stamps 49-24 :-[

The final score willNOT be.....I REPEAT NOTbe.......60 - 1 !!! :o :-[ :o.....Other than that ??

Who the Hell knows ?? Hopefully we somehow pull a win out of our ass against these Stumps for a change . Would LOVE to see it BUT I'm thinking we lose to these guys once again but It'll be a closer final then many think .

Lets go......Stumps by 7 .

Final Score - 34 - 27 .

30-28 Hamilton

I'm going the Cats by a field goal, say 33-30. Don't plan on betting my weekly beer budget however!

Depends how many balls Mike Jones drops :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe The Cats will squeak out a very due win in Calgary


TiCats 28-23 :wink:

I think it will be the exact opposite


Supposed to be crappy weather with thunderstorms



Baby steps.

As long as we don't get 3 hours in lightning delays like last night.

maybe odin and thor don't like cfl football :slight_smile:

44-16 Calgary. We are down 22-0 at half a come back a bit. We take over 100 yards in penalties and have 4 turnovers against. Manziel does not play.

Hmmm. I can see that too. Spooky.

Ticats typically have NOT been blown out by the Stamps - last season's game being the glaring exception. Many of their games have been decided by a last second FG - in the Stamps favour - or infamously the lovely missed FG by Congi I think in the snow a few seasons ago. The ball for the first time in the game - slipped when Fantuz tried to get a proper hold.
I'm looking for a Ticats win - lets say 30-27 - and first place in the east to begin the season! ;D

heapbag - i don't see the Ticats taking many penalties. That was a problem in the first preseason game but I recall very few infractions called against them when playing Montreal. AND the only turnover was a pick thrown by the now-depared Moniz. Whitlock remembered how to secure a football again when running over defenders!