Game 1 Riders

The start of new season is almost upon us. It's going to be interesting to see how the new o-line and defense perform. I'm not too optimistic in this one being the Riders home opener and all and given the Bombers historically poor performance there.

It could be anyone’s game - Durant’s coming off injury, and Brackenridge is apparently out. I’m looking forward to a good game, whatever the result!

Good luck to you all this season. Looking forward to some good ol’ fashioned rivalry football this evening.

Big confidence builder for the Bombers.

[i]Johnny came here to say congrats on a good first win, and to say hello to all of his friends in Bomberino land! Johnny also wanted to do some friendly ribbing.

Did a new forum for Bomberino fans open? This forum seems dead. Such a shame. This was one of Johnny's favourite forums. Johnny remembers Papazoola as being one cool and knowledgeable dude. He often posted on the Als forum with much wisdom :frowning: [/i]

Good game by Willy, Cotton, the O line, Marshall, Moore.The D gave up alot of big plays though.They need to tighten up.All in all :thup:

The offense was humming for sure. Chung looked solid in his first start. Only one sac allowed, Drew with plenty of time. Cotton and Marshall were so-so in the first half but exploded in the 2nd half, breaking and spinning off tackles, solid effort.

The D was just good enough though and pulled out a big goal line INT to keep the Riders from retaking the lead late in the game. However, there were breakdowns a plenty from all facets of the D. Messam/Allen racked up big runs, Rider receivers managed to break open too often, no sacks for and the QB hurries were too few IMO. They gave up a lot of run and pass yards in the preseason loss to Hamilton and it was more of the same vs the Riders. Only game 1 and it's a short week before facing the Ticats on Thursday, they'll need to fix some of those mistakes in a hurry or Collaros will burn us like he did in the preseason game.

The first 2 or 3 games of the regular season is basically an extension of the preseason. Two games is not enough to get an entire football team on the same page. Hopefully the D stiffens up as the season goes on.

We're missing Papa, Kubie and Blue Blood at least; I don't know why.

For ploen truth and the guys.....Thanks for the concern...I'm coming off a little health scare and pretty sure everything is going to be fine....Take one day at a time....Haven't felt much like posting but I'm coming around...As for the rest Kubie and Blue Blood????don't know their whereabouts.......Anyway I'm back...

Welcome back, glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope all your health issues are behind you.

Welcome back least there's one piece of good news in Bomberland this morning! Hope the health scare is behind you...had one of those myself recently...I guess it comes with being a Bud-Grant-era fan at this point. Great to hear from you. :thup: :thup: :thup: