Game 1 Report Card (with few words)

Game 1 Report Card

Maas E- *Is there any life in his body?

Lumsden A+ *averaged out from A+ for effort and A+ for skill shown.

Holmes A *will definately be an A+ if this team gels

O-line D *Calgary D-line manhandled them.

D-line D *Calgary O-line herded them like sheep

Moreno B *Get the D-line in order and he'll be a consistent A

Setta A *led the team in scoring. May have scored 24 points if Maas had got the team in scoring position 5 more times.

Chang A+ *A lot of life in his body.

R Hitchcock B+ *That was him sitting in the stands looking good, wasn't it.

Jack Rabbit A+ *2 touchdowns in 2 minutes. very entertaining.

Remedial Action----Trade Maas to TO for Allen. Cats would do well to have an solid experienced back up QB for 2007.

I think you need to single out Jo Jo Walker in the report card as well.

A if not an A+ for him. This guy is a fantastic returner.

JASON MAAS F- :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

He was the best player out there for us. But let's face it. Maas is depressing.

I'll wait and see, but JoJo was exciting and seems to be able to read the field on the run. Let's hope he's consistent. We need a little hope.

Nah, not with that O-line in front of him.