game 1...@ Hamilton

Some before and after thought, chats, hopes and dreams.

I will start with:
Looking forward to seeing Andy in his first home game. Best of luck in the second one :slight_smile:

Jazzed to see the starting OL. Hope they gel fast, a little worried at tackle.

Concerned with d as a whole. Not too worried on runs, but interested in who will be the second DT. Hope they can rattle Henry early. The are a couple in the secondary that are hungry too prove themselves early, and the combination could be very fruitful.

Kory Sheets starting at running back. That is all.

I'm just cringing at how the Riders secondary matches up with the Cats passing attack. :oops:

If the Riders get down by 10 or 14 early that have to stick to the gameplan offensively and not start forcing things.

I think this game is going over 50.5 lol.

Obviously I want a Riders win. But i'm just not sure that that will happen. I hope they have more ground and pound planned for this game ( and season ) because I think we have talent with RB spot and the Oline would love to pin their ears and block. That will hopefully eat time that the Ticats don't get for their offence. Remember the best defence is a good offence.. But yes the match-ups of Ticat WR's and Rider DB's has me cringing a wee bit.

I agree. Richie Hall defense means we have to score a lot of points to win or even be close. If our defense isn't more agressive than what I saw in the pre-season I think it will be a close loss for Riders because our D will give up the game winning points in the last minutes of the game.

the way our team will need a little time to gel and the fact we're still not there, I fear this game could get ugly. I hate to see the Riders lose but I fear it will be.

Historically Hall's d has given up lots of yards and low points (that is the definition of a bend, don't break d). Last year it all fell apart because the offense consistently when 2 and out, leaving the D on the field WAY too much. Don't get me wrong, there were big holes on the d and may still be, and I preferred the Etch strategy, but pinning all the points scored against last season squarely on the always tired D or Hall's strategy is not really fair

You're right about last year's results. I just don't think the bend and break strategy of giving up 7 minute field goal drives as being very effective in this day and age. We now have the youngest team in the CFL and IMHO I think it was also about time that we upgraded our DC.

I can't argue that Dusty. Like I said, I preferred Etch, well, once he stopped saying stopping the run game didn't matter. I've always been a fan of blitz in CFL

The game will hinge on our offense sustaining long grinding drives. Keep possession in our favour and tire out their defense. This is done by our O-line smashing and our RB’s grinding our good runs and first downs.

Keep Henry and co. on the sidelines. I think their offense had fewer changes and is more veteran than ours. Thus they hold an advantage (keep them off the field).

Our entire defense is rebuilt? We could talk all day long but might as well wait and see how they showup. Eddie Russ was interviewed last night and is ready to go. We still don’t know if Kromah or Stone got the strong side backer spot. They also were not sure the corner spot (Tristan or Paul Woldu). I hope Richie and the guys prove everyone wrong.

Wait and see.

Keys to the Game.

Saskatchewan Roughriders:
Sustain Long Drives, tire out Ticats Defense
Keep things simple, we can't live and die by the big play, those days are over.
The new Oline has to gel fast, thankfully the Ticats have no proven DE yet but that could change, RT and LT will have to shine.
Durant has to play smart and effective his performance vs Calgary was great but he needs to put up TD's and get our offense ahead early
On defence Hawkins, Willis and our DT's have to shut down and Rattle Burris and force them to hand off to aging Coubrone who is dangerous but if we can corral him we can be successfull
Our Linebackers have to be perfect in their coverages and dropbacks watch those crossing routes
Our secondary has to have the game of their life plain and simple, Butler and Patrick have to be ball hawks and Jackson has to lock down C Williams.

It is a rebuilding year so look for continual improvement as te yr goes on. I'd be happy with a 9-9 but 11-7 would be awesome. We know if someone is slacking the coach and Taman will find a replacement. That much alone makes me feel better. Look forward to the second half of the year. First half won't be boring.

By the sounds of Durant's recent interview (can be seen on he reffered to himself as a "statue" last year and that our new Offensive Coordinator Bob Dyce (I believe that's his name) has been incorporating Durant rolling out and running around this year (which we all begged Berry to do last year) Durant admitted himself in the recent interview that he is his best when he's on the run. I like the sounds of this, if we can bring back the DD from 08,09,10 (minus the INTS) our offense should be clicking fast.

Absolutely. Also, the INTs will go down, because as a mobile QB recievers open up so one is not passing into the coverage. His ability to process and make better decisions is much improved since he was a new CFL QB scrambling and making plays happen. It is no where near that of a guy like A-C, but it is much improved, so the INTs should logically decrease if he is mobile again. Guys like Allen, Hamm, Burris…all similar in that regards.

After only 1 quarter I am actually shocked how together they look. I know it is early, but still...they look okay thus far.

The D got more pressure in a quarter than they got in most games last year...really meeting Burris up.

Sheets...what a buddy tested me..."Sheets just made a Barry Sanders cut"

win or lose, this is a promising start

Wow Durant has looked awesome, Dresslee and Sheets Doug awesome, defense playing lights out

Perhaps the Ritchie Hall of old is back. Everyone was concerned with the secondary and they played alright. What a great win by a great team. In rockin in the VGCC!!

Congratulations to the Rider Staff and Players. If this is the type of team work and effort we are going to get game in, game out.... this will be a great season. Can't wait to see how you play after ypu get time to gel. We will be in the playoffs again this year. Go Riders!!! :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: