Game #1 - Calgary

Kyle Melo?
17m17 minutes ago
At the first @Ticats practice of the regular season. Not much has changed, DC Jerry Glanville still rocking Cowboy Hat---QB Coach Dan Morrison rocking the Pharell Hat. #Ticats #CFL

Kyle Melo?
9m9 minutes ago
Vernon Adams Jr. back on the field, but NOT working out with QB's. Technically still on the roster but obviously on his way out. #Ticats #CFL

V.A.J running routes.

Alex Green not practicing

Drew Edwards?Verified account
15m15 minutes ago
First day of #Ticats practice at Tim Hortons Field. All offensive players on one side during warm ups, defence on the other. #CFL

Who is starting for the TiCats at QB...anyone know?

Dane Evans

Kyle Melo?
14m14 minutes ago
Justin Vaughn and Alex Green appear to be only guys not participating in practice that are on the field.

Jay Langa as well.

Bryce Wilkerson was #74 in camp, he's now #14. #Ticats #CFL

A couple of others have grabbed better numbers, too -- DB Jumal Rolle, who wore 39 in training camp will now wear 25, and DB Jaleel Wadood, on the PR, has dropped the 4 off his training camp #40 and now wears just the zero ("0").

I noticed this quote earlier this week.

'It's the best groups of receivers I've ever had' says Bo Levi Mitchell

“I’m salivating a little bit, oh yeah,? Mitchell said. “I think it’s one of those special groups. To me in my eyes it’s the best group of receivers — not to be down on anybody else — but it’s the best group of receivers I’ve ever had.?
Meanwhile, our projected starting CBs will each be playing in their first-ever CFL game. Should we be worried?

Maybe Calgary should be worried. I'm looking for June Jones to break the slow start BS from the Austin days. He seems to be a great leader of men, and in a very calm manner. I think it's the perfect mix.

The Ticats were very competitive in all 10 games he coached last season, and now in 2018 the team is truly his version of the Ticats - rather than just coaching with 100% Austin players last year. I hope to see the strong finish from last season carry on to a strong start this year.

I'm always worried! What's worse, we are away for the week-end, visiting people who don't subscribe to TSN. Right here in Ontario, if you can believe it. Why even own a television, right?

Pro and Con of playing Calgary 1st week.
If i had to bet a big chunk of money on a game we are going to lose this would be it. Get it done early and assume all other teams in the East will take a L when they visit Calgary too.
Gives the team a chance to get a good look at what we have and our D Coordinator gets his feet wet a bit.

Con is if we play like we did against the Argos in the 1st exhibition game this might get to 60-1 pretty quickly.

8)If anyone knows, it is the pope !! :smiley: LOL

Now I know why I have so much respect for you pope after all these years !!! LOL :wink: :wink:

You are definitely the foremost authority on Ticat operations, and roster planning 8)

Sorry, but never go into a game assuming failure. This then becomes a self-defeating prophecy. I'm not saying I expect success, rather I hope for it. One thing I know for sure is that June Jones will get 100% effort from the entire team.

HA, whether a fan assumes success or failure it does not affect the players or the outcome at all.
Now i agree the players should not go to Calgary expecting to get hammered.

This streak must end sooner or later. Maybe the stamps take us lightly...and we pull one out.
Miracles do happen and we usually need them often!

Can't wait for Saturday but I'm perplexed by this one. Maybe June Jones is crazy like a fox but things seem to be eerily disorganized this year and the Simoni's, Tracy's and Banks' of the team seem to be awfully quiet so maybe that is quiet confidence? I don't think this game can be judged on winning and losing but how they play as I am feeling some growing pains here again despite what seemed to be a winter of continuity but now their seems to be a lot of influx with you know who, coaches coming in and going, guest coaches, shadow coaches, co-coaches, players showing up late and now injured, last minute replacements - I really hope all is good and we come out flying but I have no idea which way this is going to go. Let's hope for the best effort and the ability to grow from it and start to settle in and play some good football.

Bo Levi Mitchell says he is happy with how good his receivers are this year. But I am more concerned about how good their defence is this year. Masoli is certainly not a top tier QB and we don't know yet how his O line will perform.
The Calgary game will a huge test for June Jones and his new crop of players....and coaches.

There is a ton of film on the Stamps Offence and Defence for the TiCats to view in preparation for Saturdays game as there are few changes to their team.

On the other hand CGY has very little film on the TiCats to prepare.

It might prove interesting! 8)

I disagree with the Masoli take. I think he is a very good QB and besides kicking the least of our worries. Not on par with Edm or Calgary pivots but right there in the 3-4 range. The CFLs top 50 players Masoli made the list so he is recognized league wide.

Can't imagine too any QBs wanting to be quoted as saying that he felt his receivers were a bunch of dogs, and not to expect too much in the way of completions. Plus, they had some changes with their receivers didn't they? No doubt BLM is wanting to show his faith in the newbies?

Looking back a bit, while looking forward to the start of another season:
In 57 seasons, since the interlocking schedule began in the early 60's, the Tiger-Cats have won, in Calgary, 9 times. The last time out there, the Cats lost 60-1. Last season the Stampeders, who finished 1st in the league-wide standings had 6 players named CFL All-Stars. The TiCats, 8th overall, had none. Calgary scored 18% more points last season than Hamilton, and Hamilton gave up 56% more points than they did. Bo Levi Mitchell has never lost a game against the Tiger-Cats. The last time the two teams met, in mid October last year at THF, the Cats scored a TD, with 36 seconds left in the game to tie the score at 25 all. I do try to end on a positive note! But, Calgary won again on a final play 17-yd. field goal. Surprisingly, the Stamps are only 10 pt. favourites for the Saturday season opener. So, Oskee Wee Wee! Oskee Wa Wa! Holy Mackinaw .......

Fearless prediction:
For every one sack or pressure by CAL Bomben's name will be brought up 5x.