Game 1 - Bombers at Eskies 39-39

Sure lots of bad plays for either side, and many great plays for either side! I found it a very entertaining game and the end result being a tie was probably the fairest result. WTG Blue for staying in the game!

I absolutely agree...I have to admit, before Milt tied the game with 30 seconds left, part of me expected Glenn to throw a pick on that drive. That last drive was a big step for Glenn, IMO. I thought he was fantastic last night.

I thought all the receivers were great last night too. How big was getting Edwards. Now there's a guy who fights for EVERY ball.

What happened to Tom Canada last night? The guy was invisible except for the boneheaded penalty he took. I'll give some credit to the Esks Oline, but geeze...Tom did nothing out there.

Special teams needs to improve. All aspects.

Kudos to Bean, Hebert, and Jenkins on D.

Last but not least...MILT...God Bless Ya! of the brightest spots in last nights game was Glenns performance....he matched Rays' passing attack and was every bit as fact he looked better than D.D. in the leos squeaker over the Argos...sooooo if the knock on Glenn that he has to become a more polished...elite qb. in this league...i think we may have seen the door open to that end.....Our d' did not play well except for Jenkins and Hebert...the rest barely showed up...more and more we see who really carries this team....Blink and the Turtle Man...and now Glenn....Armstrong and Stoddard caught some nice passes....and how about the one to Edwards...snagging a real tough one that meant alot in that part of the game...i hate ties...but i guess was the best result on performance.....IF our d' comes to play next game....we are going to be a lot of trouble for any team in this league :thup: :rockin:

our D should be much better when bush is back... fullbright was terrible... i wonder what happend to the kid

offence was amazing, ive always said Glenn was way better then what people gave him credit for... now that he finally has a threat outside of milt, and is finally in a scheme for more then one year, it will show

what the hecks going on with our front four? nate is not living up to expectations.... i say have another try out next game between he and haywood. cuz nate is not the same as he once was. it was almost as if they would knock him out of the play, then double team canada... it was rediculous

secondary malbrough looks like hes the one to go if we get bolden, i wonder what happend to him, last year he was phenominal untill the ESF... seems like hes lost his confidence or something... hes not the player he was a year ago

cant wait till the offensive line is back in place, and cam hall was a major let down, hopefully charltons back in a month or so along with bolden to put our D over the top, and with this offense, well we'll be competing for first in the league me thinks

its not like Glenn was up against a bad secondary, Omar Morgan? stanford samuals? jason goss? all very good players

terrence edwards made a lot of milt like catches yesterday, derrick was great and milt was awesome, i cant imagine the bombers without milt stegall......

but after that game, i say move hebert back to safety, put jenkins on the weak side, and try and charlton back at SAM.... i sure hope Hall can improve his game

also, we need pikula ASAP

Great 4th quarter!

It came down to the end. Milt Stegall was clutch.

The Bombers are my second favourite team, next to the Argos, and I was glad they came back late in the game.

I didn’t like the OT how they only got two drives each…they should let them go until there is a decided winner.

I hope the Bombers have a good season. But it will only happen if they have solid play from Glenn, Roberts and Stegall.

  • Scott

I think they should have gone longer than two drives, maybe 3-5. I don't think they should go until there is a winner, because this is football after all and it takes a toll on the players. Even the NFL overtime can end in a tie so that the players don't kill themselves. Still a very entertaining game.


I hear what you mean about fatigue and injuries among the players.

But at least make it more than 2 drives.

  • Scott

The reason that fulbright was having problems was because he hurt his ankle and he is going to get it examend soon

I find it absolutely hilarious that Winnipeg is first in the East right now....WITH A TIE!!!