Game 1 Analysis

Hi all,

Emotions aside, here is my game 1 analysis

(1) Zeke Moreno - I thought he played well and hard. I was concerned about his size but he showed he could get in there with the best of them. As the league gets to know him, we will have to see if other teams shy away from him or key on him. That will be the litmus test.

(2) Setta's punting and kicking - Forget the punt average. It is telling what the Calgary return yards were. In the pre-season he showed he could punt it long down the middle of the field. He showed some finesse last night. As for field goals, while not long ones, I didn't have any aprehension when was kicking like years past.

(3) Inclusion of Holmes In Offence - Running inside, pitching it outside, passing in the slot, flare passes to the wide side. This is how you use Holmes. You never know what he is going to do. Makes it very difficult for the defence.

(4) Dedication to Run - No explanation needed. This opens up so much more.

(1) Chang Performance - I put his performance as decent. Remember, Chang had the benefit of a long Lumsden screen pass run and and a big lead by Calgary at the time. What I was impressed with was his poise in the pocket.

(2) Lumsden Running - He ran with authority. He got decent yards. I wonder though if the club has a little less confidence in the left side of the line as Walby pointed out his runs were mostly to the right. Also, Lumsden had better learn to not take the big hits as much as he gets older.

(3)Maas - 17/24, 170 yards and no INTs. Not bad. I don't think there were any bad decisions on his incompletions. As for the Ralph catch/fumble, if Maas called his own plays, I would put that one on him. I just wonder if Ralph was the primary or the outlet. The long ball is a question as well. The one long one to Currie was a duck.

Needs Improvement
(1) Familiarty with wideouts - Clearly the timing and confidence in the wideouts is not there. Will Anderson and French help, more practice time will tell.

(2) Penalties - Like hockey changing their interference rules, the D will have to get used to the new QB rule. Once that ball is gone, leave him alone. As for offsides, this too in understandable for the first game but will quickly become unacceptable.

(3) Over zealous defensive line - They're new. They're young. They're hungry. But when you have great penetration and are completely out of the play, it helps no one. As a D-lineman, it is controlled mayhem. Emphasis on control. They will learn to play smarter and better together.

Thanks for indulging me. If you have any comments, please feel free to agree or disagree. If you want to flame me, just remember what you paid for this. :wink:

If I may get emotional for one moment, I must say this. Former players as commentators always concern me. I believe they let the personal playing experiences cloud their objectivity. I wanted to turn the TV off whenever Freres and Khari had something to say.

I musy say that the TSN former players (Shultz, Dunnigan, Clime, Suits) don't suffer from this. They are much better.


Needs improvement: Brock Ralph

This guy is one of our few veteran receivers. He can't be pleased with his performance in front of his hometown crowd. He needs to step up.

His contribution: -14 points: one touchdown called back because he was offside and a fumble in our own end zone. On the fumble, it looked like he was surprised that someone hit him. Well, maybe -12 points, we were probably going to surrender the safety anyway.


Needs improvement: Jason Maas