Game 1: Als at Stamps 06/09/22

No surprises. Let's hope that Vernon Adams Jr. will have an outstanding game against Calgary.


news regarding William Stanback and another A RB at practice?


Thank you, okie.


Even with Marc-Antoine Dequoy at safety, the Als are still going with 2 Canadian receivers. Personally, I am expecting Dequoy to rotate in and out with Tyrell Richards on passing downs.

So glad to see not one but two starting Canadians in the receiving corps. Not decoys, legit talent. It's been a long time!


I presume there will be 2 National WRs on the field, when there are playing 5 WRs; when it's RB and FB it will be 1 N.

Given that Stanback does not seem 100% healthy -he was limited today- they will most probably go with the 5 WRs formation often.


In today's practice the Stampeders had 5 DBs not participating and 1 limited.

Alouettes passing game could be quite active.


During the media session, Khari Jones was asked about adding another American RB. He said team is going to address that and that it might be an internal solution (somebody off the suspended list?).

Jones was noncommittal toward dressing a 3rd quarterback as well as starting 8 Canadians.

Joey Alfieri said in an interview on TSN 690 that the Als like Dante Absher because he can play all the receiver positions and can step in right away should somebody go down with an injury.

Same difference, though. If a Canadian receiver goes out and a Canadian fullback draws in, it's still a Canadian at that position at all times.

In any case, Khari loves his 5-pack WR sets, so I agree that we'll see that formation most often.

Will be surprised if the Alouettes dress 4 A WRs.

In 2021, if teams dressed 2 Global players they had to play with 1 National player less.

I did read, somewhere, that with the new CBA if 2 Global players dress, teams cannot dress 3 QBs. If such, I understand why Khari Jones is noncommittal in dressing 3 QBs, given the situation of William Stanback; maybe they intend to dress Global RB Lee, now on practice roster.


I know it's early...but Adams worries me.

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Could RB Cameron Artis-Payne or RB Tavien Feaster, both on suspended list, decides to return. Additional dollars may have an influence.



I'd love it if they got a scatback to back up Stanback. Like an Avon Cobourne type. Would make for a great change of pace.

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Don't know if I'm the last person to figure out that the Als are posting video clips on their Youtube channel, but there it is. :smiley: Point de presse avec Khari Jones, Vernon Adams Jr., Trevor Harris - YouTube

Joey Alfieri asked Danny Maciocia whether the plan was to carry 4 quarterbacks, or did Davis Alexander make such an impression that plans changed?

Maciocia replied although he wanted to keep 4 quarterbacks, he also wanted someone who would make that decision an easy one. Furthermore Maciocia said they are also looking ahead at for 2023, when most likely the quarterbacks there now will not all be back. Alexander is young, will be able to learn from the veterans on the team, and hopefully can develop into somebody who can start one day. Alexander was on the team's neg list, and they convinced him to sign.

Still shocked that they kept Dominique Davis and left Alexander on the PR. We have two veteran QBs in the 1 and 2 positions. Why not make the 3 spot a "futures" position?

Maybe for the QB sneak like with McPherson ? You don’t want Adams to get hit to often and Harris is not the perfect candidate for the QB snake.


They where really high on Feaster at the start of the camp. He just practice 1x with the team and was add on the suspension list for family reason if I remember well. Maybe it’s him

But it's not even clear that we're going to dress three QBs in a game. If we only dress two QBs, it doesn't make sense to me. And how hard can it be to teach a young QB how to do the QB sneak? It's literally one play where he has to push forward for less than a yard. :slight_smile:

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