Game 1: A tale of four quarters....and overtime

Definitely a gammit of emotions!!

WHAT A GAME, WHAT A GAME, WHAT A GAME, WHAT A GAME, WHAT A GAME! The NFL Network here in the states televised the game and will televise more. I was down on the Green (Shame on me) but coming back from 14 and 21 points down, FABULOUS! Will the Province being going nuts? Question, Could one of the Rider coaches be in charge of counting the number of players on the field? WHAT A GAME, WHAT A GAME, WHAT A GAME. GO RIDERS.

What a game that was. I was glued to the T.V. as both teams played great football. Roughrider fans got a season opening game that will be talked about for many days/months. Congrats on your victory and to my eye watch player :thup: to Wes Cates. :smiley:

Als fan here. Kudos, guys, you deserve full credit for that win. You shredded our D and came up with big plays when they mattered most.

You know what's funny? At this time last year, our two teams had no rivalry to speak of. What a difference a year makes. :smiley:

I don't know how big the rivalry is yet, both teams respect one another, there's no boiled up hate between the players when they play each other.

One thing is for certain, if they keep up the excitement of the last few games they've played against one another they will soon be a rivalry. As they only meet twice a year (three if they both make it to the Grey Cup) it's hard to build up the rivalry.

I'm expecting Donovan Alexander will be getting some extra coaching this week. I think the experience will make him a better player in the long run.

Both team's offenses were firing on all cylinders; the D's will need more time to gel.

ya, it's the kind of thing where we are happy for the win but know that our defense needs to make some improvements and make adjustments! but i'm happy we are 1-0 and will make a big difference.

Doesn't get much better than this. It appears our secondary could use a little bit of work and what about Sakoda - he was brutal hooking those short punts out of bounds. Methinks we might have jettisoned Jamie a little too soon.

What a fantastic testament to the character of this team and coaching staff to overcome all the mistakes and bad bounces to win this game.

Since Sakoda is an import, the team will not be too slow in getting someone new into camp if he does not pick up his game.

guys, it's one game.

Sakoda just needs to work on it, he'll be fine.

Sakoda will be fine, he really boomed his one punt with the wind over the returners head. He has the leg he just had an off day.

I sure hope he does't have too many more off days like that one.