Gambling Revenue

Yeah estimates are based on advertising, sponsorship, and other any creative way the CFL can generate revenue from single-game wagering other than taking a percentage of the bet itself.

When Dave Naylor asked around how much could such wagering could earn for each team, he received wildly varied estimates and nobody was willing to attach their name with a number.

For instance, there were reports that the new betting could generate $1.5 to $2 million per team. But then the guy who pushed the bill Kevin Waugh thought that estimate was high. Waugh thought that $5 million for the whole league was a more reasonable number.

In my opinion the media chatter about this topic has been terribly misinformed - it's very unlikely that the Canadian Football League will see really significant revenues come from this change anytime soon.

There are ten provincial gambling authorities in Canada, and each of them are the only Canadian entities legally able to take bets on CFL games. Today, the CFL makes $0 from those ten provincial bodies. They don't even pay the pittance a year for the official data feed - they rather save that money and just have someone look at the score on TV and record it in their system. You'll even note that the provinces don't mention the Argonauts or Elks or Stampeders - they write Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary. All to avoid any kind of direct payment to the league.

What needs to happen here is the provinces need to grant companies like The Score and other private companies the legal right to take money for bets on CFL games. They might look at doing so this year or next year in order to let private companies drive growth in sports betting, with the province taking a cut of that revenue. But it's more likely they're stand pat and stick with having the monopoly on sports betting in Canada.

Semi-related: The league and various teams already have / are courting "free to pay" gambling partners (like the UFC has with Bet99), but that has no direct involvement on CFL games themselves.

It'll happen eventually - what sports betting companies do is offer what amounts to private investigators and data analysts who comb bets and curious patterns in players / coaches / officials to see if something strange is happening. This is usually referred to as "integrity services".


So exactly why would the CEO of the Riders say this?

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I saw that when it was posted - I genuinely don't know where he's getting that from. Maybe the Riders have inside info from the WCLC about their plans to licence private orgs to take bets?


Nobody will attach their name because nobody knows for sure what the amount will ultimately be. It’s just a guess on anyone’s (including the immortal Kevin Waugh’s) part right now

Been going on for decades now in Soccer with little success by way of catching anyone. Only egregious betting patterns on more “normal” betting platforms get noticed and with some betting sites being run by Eastern European organized crime in questionable jurisdictions, they can really care less as those operations are used to launder money from other illegal activity anyways.

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I don't think anyone knows how much the league or the government will bring in from this. Gamblers right now place their bets on one of the on-line companies like Bet99 or direct with Vegas.
Will gamblers stop doing that and place their bets through the legal single game government controlled betting site?
Companies like Bet99, Betfred etc already spend a lot of money on advertising on TV, how would that work now? would the bet companies spend money and pay teams to advertise at stadiums?
The betting won't kick in until next season, I guess we will wait and see what happens