Gambling Revenue

Does anybody have grasp of how the CFL will benefit from the change of rules regarding single game betting?

it will depend on how many people pick up the single game gambling. I'm skeptical. The traditional CFL fanbase (old) aren't big into single game gambling. I have many friends (mainly uncles, parents, etc) who are season ticket holders...none have expressed any interest in betting on single games.

Those of my friends who do a ton of betting on sports - none are CFL fans.

I guess it'll depend on whether those Non CFL fans will be interested in betting on the CFL (and hopefully then become fans).

I have my doubts.


Yeah and thanks. but my question is more in line is how does the CFL plan to receive a share of it. Are they planning getting a portion of all CFL gambling? How go they do this?

The league enters into a formal agreement with each of the provinces gambling divisions to generate a % of money earned through the gambling revenue.

How much of a windfall this represents is still a mystery, although most believe it could represent an annual influx of between $1.5 and $2 million per team, based on league and team deals, once the market for partnerships in Canada is established.

thanks again. Who wrote the opinion of 1.-2 M per team?

A recent TSN article I read.

But I'm truly skeptical. We'll see.


We all have some concerns as it may not guarantee growth or will it benefit players in some degree.

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It sounds like it will take time to get established then will see a 1.5 to 2 million in returns per team .

For the CFL that is significant cash .

Pro line can be entertaining .

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what is your guess of the % to the CFL.....!0% 20...30% ?

I have tried to find the return the Current format gives before single game betting to the NHL ,NFL etc.....and I can't find any source . I'm also interested in the return .

They do estimate 14 billion dollars of grey/black market gambling on sports events is going on in Canada presently .

It is addictive because of the odds of you winning smaller pots and in turn gives the game experience a lift . The Premier League has been sponsored by gambling sites and has benefited .

Even simple bar pools seem to give the NFL viewership a lift . The CFL not having the number of games to gamble on has been a detractor for getting new fans interested when comparing it to the NFL . Single game betting hopefully will get some of those fans to watch .

Canadian CFL Expansion is not just for expansion sake it creates so many more resources and opportunities for the CFL like gambling .

I am not sure if they are using gambling sponsorships and advertising in the 1.5 million or 2 figure in a combined effect of everything together .

Can't wait until some CFL athlete gets accused of "tanking the game" in order to share in some gambling bet payoff.

You can bet on CFL games on-line now in Vegas, that has been going on for years.
But now you will be able to bet on-line on a government site, in Ontario it will be the OLG site. You can go on there now and buy lottery tickets on-line.

The question was how will it be distributed?
I think that the OLG site will likely have a list the weeks or daily games to bet on, this time of year it will be MLB and MLS games to bet on.
In August the CFL games will be added.
The money will be collected by the OLG, they will pay out the winners, a per cent of the MLB money collected will be returned to the Jays, and a per cent going to the TFC.
Same when the CFL starts in August, the OLG will work out some per centage to go to the CFL, then the CFL distributes it to the teams just like they do for the TV revenue.

If you gamble now on sports, you likely will bet on every game MLB, MLS CFL.
If you are a CFL fan you probably just bet on CFL games.
But by November you can bet on the NFL, MLB, CFL,MLS, NBA, NHL, how many sports will they bet on?
I don't think anyone knows how much each team will receive because they don't know how many people will bet or how much to bet per game. How many people will still continue to bet on games though Bet99 or one of the others?

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That will be a ref, not a player.

CFL reffing is an embarrassment - a disaster.

single game betting shine the light on this fact.

so it may look like

One game example;

Hamilton at Winnipeg: Lets say provincial gaming sites total $50,000 total bet. Say 50% win and 50% lose.

$25,000 goes to bet winners.
$25,0000 await some % cut to CFL based on agreed %

That amount gets divided 10 ways ( 9 teams and the CFL)
Does that sound right as far as format goes?

Something like that

I'd rather see a lottery like they did at Tampa Bay Bandits games instead of betting. Some lucky winner at the game (hang onto ticket stub), wins a million dollars.

That's how you get attendance up!

My understanding is that CFL would not get a percentage of the action as I do not believe that is even legal. Instead, the direct revenue would come from sponsorship and advertising.

CFL could also sell their real-time data to companies who wish put up various prop bets as the game is going on. There would need to be a big enough CFL betting market for a company to even consider paying the CFL for data.

League would benefit indirectly because in theory, bettors would watch more of a game which leads to increase tv ratings.

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According to the article "third-party sportsbook operators will now be allowed to work with provincial partners, the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) said in a statement"

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Well that is very different from what i thought was going to be the case.
So when people talk about possible revenues of 1-1.5 M per team and CFL they are suggesting that gambling sites will potentially be paying the CFL upwards of 10-12 M Per year by way of sponsorship or advertising rates?

So now does everybody already have a place they can go to place bets on individual games or on various propositions legally, or is active betting now only in certain provinces or territories in Canada until whatever else is done in those provinces or territories?