Gambling on CFL and impact on popularity of the game

I used to always be an NFL fan and never really paid attention to the Canadian game. However, since I started betting on the CFL I love the game even more than the American version. I believe the CFL should market the game to the football handicappers out there to further increase popularity of the game. The NFL is only where it is because of the impact of gambling IMHO and the CFL should follow suit.

As a handicapper I'd like to see more local media coverage of teams on sites like this so you know how the team is progressing towards the game. Also stat rankings like passing offence, rushing offence, passing defence, rushing defence, etc... I know the stats are available but not in a format that is easily accessible. Other things like previews of matchups showing injury reports, past histories, etc... Basically, I want more information that helps handicap a game.

I think simple things like this will help the game in markets like Toronto where you don't have fiercly loyal fans as in other parts of the country (ie. everywhere but Toronto). In my pick 6 NFL football pool based in Toronto we have over 1000 guys laying out over $400 per season and I'll wager less than 10% watch CFL football. These kinds of guys are the next converts.

You are so right. There are so many people who follow the NFL because of the betting. I have tons of friends who are like this.

true…my big group of friends gamble on nfl, but dont watch a game…just check scores.

dmynn, great post and so true.

great post................and you can enjoy the CFL game as well.