At online sportbookies, recent odds are as follows for start of 2015 season.

Calgary +325. Edmonton +400. BC +475. Saskatchewan +550. Hamilton +650. Montreal +750. Toronto +850. Winnipeg +900. Ottawa +3300.

In previous years, blindly betting all underdog pointspreads have mostly been profitable except if there is lack of parity such as during first half of 2014 season when west dominated east.

I really think these bookies do a google search and base their odds on top hits rather than actually following the CFL game. Apparently Lulay is the favourite for MOP despite not playing a full season in years.

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feel free to bet your choice. it's easy to do. no need to complain about their odds. makes it better for you.

I never understand gambling odds and jargon.

If I put a grand down on Ham and they win, what do I get?

Dirty looks from your Lions faithful.

when it comes to money, gotta go with yer head

Based on the odds listed above if you bet $1000 on Hammy and they win you win $6500.

darn, wish I had a spare 1000.

Odds have changed as affected by public confidence and money. More changes can be expected in the future.

Calgary +250. BC +400. Toronto +550. Hamilton +600. Edmonton +650. Winnipeg +750. Saskatchewan +900. Montreal +900. Ottawa +2500.

in week 1, underdogs are profitable 4-0 against pointspread. 2015 might be similar to most seasons with some parity and underdogs normally winning more often than favorites in pointspreads.

More often than not, after you have gambled a lot you will go with your gut and not your head and especially not your heart.

This site is cool...even has previews, etc:

With the way QBs are falling and you had money to throw around you might want to put a grand on Ottawa, Burris is still running around at 40 and taking hits but always gets up.