Gains in a loss

Ok, it was a tough loss to the Stamps, but what was gain? I think a lot.

  • The D stepped up.
  • Best the OL has looked in a while, Adcock is for real
  • Doege is a bust, you know to make Price ahead of him. If he doesn’t get 2nd reps this week I will be shocked. I would struggle to find a single positive from him that game.
  • Depalma looked great.
  • Despite an early drop, Swain was finally involved. The man has wheels and can be a threat.
  • This team can compete from behind
  • Tino looked good with a more open playbook (same as against the ORBs), so the answer there is known. 3/3 on 2 pointers…c’mon!
  • Whatever they did with Peters, he looked MILES better, still not sold, but he looked way way way better.
  • Milo should not be doing all duties, but we knew that a couple of seasons back. I don’t think he landed a punt (other than his last late one) outside the numbers.
  • Getz actually seems like his legs are returning

A loss, sure, but this answered a lot of questions and will be some good footage to look back on.

I agree there was some positives to take from this game for sure. Calgary is suppose to have the best defense and yes they have some key injuries but still they got shredded in the second half and with more time on the clock I think they would have coughed up another major. Milo in my books is on very thin ice being on the team period. No leg strength,cant kick deep on kick offs or make longer field goals. Punting he just plain sucks at.As I said I would be searching for someone else to take his spot for next year that is for sure.

The frustrating thing with Tino is the Jekyl and Hyde act. Looks so good one time and poof so bad the next. He just has to play consistent and the team has a chance to win. Not these high highs and low lows. Can hardly wait to get Best back in and the O line will even be stronger and yes Adcock looks like he is a keeper. Defense played much better then they did against Edmonton but still some work to do on the run stopping. Kick coverage was all right not great and not terrible either but again I blame Milo for a lot of their issues.

Nothing looked bad about Tino yesterday. People want to give flack on the last play and not getting it off, but in all honestly I would love to see a stat on last plays in a close game with the trailing team’s QB laying on his back to end it…IMO it would be a lot higher than people initially realize. what was he…16/19 for almost 300 yards? He looked superb.

The 2 times the O has been opened up for Tino he has looked great. Whenever they go for the run run minipass run…he looks mehh…I’d call that a glaring statement on how the O needs to be run with him.

He truly does go through all his reads... That's the best part about him. That skill alone shows he has good potential. Once he gets in the rhythm of the game, he will only get more confident with his throws. And he can be coached that if the third or fourth read isn't there, he needs to take off. He can also be coached to move the pocket as well, instead of always being a straight drop back QB.
Someone said he has no pocket awareness. But I think he is so focused down field that he maybe does not always see the pocket collapsing around him. In my opinion, you start getting that O-line really working on pass protection, and Tino could shred defenses. He can sling it well if given time.

And Depop, I agree with everything you mentioned in the opening post. If the Riders can play like they did in the last 23 minutes of that game for the rest of the season, they will be serious contenders for a repeat..