Gainey extends w/ Elks for 11th CFL season

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks have come to terms with American defensive back Ed Gainey on a one-year contract extension.

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No surprise. Expect Antigah and Lacey to follow soon.

I expect you're right - very useful players & good on special teams. I don't see Lacey as a day-to-day starter though, do you?

Haven't got many more to sign. Looking at the lists your Elks only have 13 left on the list - less than anyone. Bombers have wrapped up a pile too & only have 14 on list. IMO Lawler & Walker would be the key ones, no?

Hamilton hasn't taken anyone off the list , Ottawa the most @ 14 but still have 26 to sign. Only the Riders have more with 36. Lots of work to do there in the next 4 weeks. Still need to find a few coaches to round out staff so maybe that's what's taking so long.

No but helpful when you have young talent and as occasional starters.

I know they are talking to Lawler but no word about Walker.

Elks are in a great place and are not leaving stuff to the last moment with FA's with 14 guys left unsigned from last season. With three weeks left I think they are in outstanding shape compared to Montreal, Saskatchewan and Hamilton. Wont be surprised if we see the guys we want to keep all signed a week or two before free agency.