gainer is the best mascot, and most popular mainly beacuse we all love him here in sask, as much as we love our riders. there are rider fans in every city, and i think calgary is scared to let him in cause of our loyal fans, but i think it will be the opposite effect of what tyey want. let all sask fans rise up at the game as make that much more noise. let it be heard that sask fans will not be quiet, and help cheer on the riders louder than ever and praise the gopher

HELL YEAH im going so ill scream till i cough blood..

now that is a true rider fan

Don't die on have to go to Vancouver the following week....

and we also have to go out east for for the final game, but still do your best cheering

I recommend you keep the throat well might even need to start a couple of days ahead just to be sure....

Calgary is really worried that half the stadium will be cheering for the Riders. Banning Gainer is an act of desperation to try to maintain whatever home field advantage they have. Let’s crank it up a notch at McMahon on Sunday and make Gainer proud. Rodent Power!!!

Its very pathetic act. I believe Calgary is true in saying that their could be more Green fans than Red ones. But I dont think its right of them to not allow gainer on the field, he is 1 man ... in a costume.. - Sure his presence inspires crowd noise for the opposition but isnt this almost a prejudice? or something?

i call HATE CRIME!

they now say gainer is allowed in the stands, but won’t people complain about him blocking their view and get him kicked out, so really calgary still is not really allowing him to be there

Yeah, its not a very good situation for Gainer

On the CFL forum, one of the Calgary fans had an advertisement that Alberta was a "Rat Free Zone"! I guess they missed those rats that comment representing the Stampeders!

Just a quickie note from a staunch Eskimo fan in regard to the "Gainer" issue! If Calgary has one brain amongst them that they could possibly utilize come Sunday's game, it should be getting out & buying the red paint of which they should paint their faces to hide the embarrassment of such a petty, dicrimanatory & just all around ridiculous decision to actually ban a CFL team mascot! C'mon folks, get a grip! Are the Stampeders so unsure of their talent/team that a mascot of any team is a make or break situation? We own a bar here in Edmonton, Honest Mur's Bar & Grill & for the record, ANY mascot is welcome be it a golpher or even a "DoG"!
Go Riders Go!!