Here's a philosophical question: if you were to bean KK a 100 times in the head, would it still have an echoing resonance inside? :lol:

everyone from calgary is underestimating the riders, when they have to play they bring the a game, and by the way who had beat bc, who is in first, more than anyone?
i think if gainer goes to calgary with a ticket to sit in the stands, how many people will complain about him blocking their view, and he would get kicked out, so really there is no allowing him still by the stamps

Maybe we could give him a haircut.

I know this sounds morbid, but maybe they could get that Outriding horse that trots along the sidelines after a Stamps score to hoof Gainer in the head in hopes to decapatate the rodent. No worries about blocking the fans' view then.

....WINNER...Generalization of the year award....

...I for one think you guys have a solid team and it will be a hell of a battle on Sunday....

I hear all the costume shops are sold out for gopher, rat and squirrel costumes! Eskylo it might cost you a bundle ha ha ha

The runner up would have to be the statement that all rider fans are in an uproar over the Gainer thing, as the fan was saying for a good chunk of the day yesterday.....

under estimate! How can that happen when the Stamps owned the riders that last few years! ha ha ha ha

I think this becomes apparent when you see 15 posts on about a freaking gopher.

thankyou for tht rw, nice to hear stamps fan that says we have a good team and it will be a good game

sad but true............hehe