Gopher mascot welcome to sit in the stands, say Stamps

  • Calgary Herald
    Published: Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The fury of a province scorned and a rodent shunned has convinced the Calgary Stampeders to offer an olive branch of sorts to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and their beloved mascot, Gainer the Gopher.

After dealing with a blizzard of complaints from 'Rider fans outraged over Gainer's ban from the football field during Sunday's West Division semi-final, the Stamps organization has relented, and now says Gainer can sit in the stands, like anyone else.

"Gainer will have and always has had the same access and privileges as any other Rider Fan sitting in McMahon Stadium," said the team in a release.

But the Stamps refuse to budge on allowing the gopher to share the field with their dog:

"The Stampeder organization has not granted field access to Gainer for the Scotiabank West Semi-Final. The organization retains the right in its home field advantage to be led by their mascot Ralph the Dog with no on field competition by the Roughriders Mascot."

There is no word on whether Gainer will be buying a ticket for the game. As of yesterday, there were 1,500 left.

I hope Gainer shows up and Calgary fans give him a rousing ovation showing that we the fans will not stoop to the levels of the brass.

Uh Oh, I've already mailled that recipe book to Red & White by express post.

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...good, a comprimise has been reached...

It's not much of a compromise, given that all the article states is the obvious.
I guess Rider fans will have to pass the hat and buy Gainer a ticket. He'll likely need two or three....

I said elsewhere, I am not all that fond of the rat myself, but the reaction of the Stampeder organization to a Gopher mascot is Miokey Mouse.

Really all this fuss over a mascot ha ha ha ha ha

Yeah, why would the Stamp organization be so ignorant about this mascot?

NICE pic , RW2005!!

Don't matter to me if they allow Gainer, the Riders are just gonna have to pay for his plane fare back after they lose to the Stamps ...

Nice picture R&W2005.......

Hey hwgill: at least they are allowing a mascot into the stands, BC Place doesn't allow opponents' Flags...a fact. For safety reasons they say.

Yeah, if you wave them the wrong way, you might poke a hole in the roof and let the air out. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Im offering any stamp fan a hundred bucks
for Gainers tail!!!

pm me if you get it.

$100.00 for a piece of tail???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just make sure you get the back one!

I dont even want to think where the front ones been.

I know sambos in love.


You have given be a very horrible vision now!

Eeewwww whats next Gophers and kanga roos?

LOL......i know what you mean!

No need to be offensive now Eskylo....

Did you have to mention THAT name, Sporty? Now, I'm gonna have to do what jm usually says whenever I plant any KK thoughts into her head: "yargh!!!"

What the edit is kanga trying to say??

I apologize sambo if you found that offensive, it wasnt meant to be.

but the bounty lives.

100 beans