Gagne-Marcoux signs with the Cats

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Highly touted 2006 draft pick. Another hog to push Hudson, Hage, Filice, et al.

I was surprised to see him at the Kick-off bash last night and then they announced that he had signed. The man is built like a brick wall. :smiley: I'm really looking forward to training camp.

Great addition to the team. This solidifies an already good offensive line. Great job Marcel in getting it done.

I met him at the kick off bash last night, what a load. He is solid, i'd hate to be in his way when he gets gets up a head of steam down field run blocking

This is a big Coo For Football Operations

He was set to Try out for The Vikings..

Should be great competition on the O-line for TC; i’d be a bit surprised to see a rookie start, but ya never know; maybe Hudson could move over to guard or even be tried at OT; Gagne-Marcoux + Hage and Felice could form a great young interior of the O-line for a number of seasons; plus maybe both Sutherland + Rempel pan out eventually at OTs - be great to see a top notch all Canadian O-line. On paper - this is one of the best collection of young NI O-lineman a CFL team may have had in a long time: Hage & Gagne-Marcoux both accomplished US college ball top O-linemen and Felice, Sutherland & Rempel, all former CIS 1st team all-star O-linemen; plus Hudson is a CFL vet and the likes of Donnelly, Cheron & Gourges have experience and are all former CIS all-stars. Not room for all of them though.

Its starting to look very good here!