Gag order placed on Roughriders?

It seems that Corey Chamblin has issued a gag order to his players leading up to the Western Final. This is basically closing the barn door after the horses have all escaped. Dwight Anderson has already given the Stamps the sound bite they need, might as well let his mouth keep running. Shutting him up now is simply to late.

It was long overdue, they've been putting their foots in their mouths all season. The previous regime would not tolerate this, and I'm glad that Chamblin is taking a stand this week.

I hear that Chamblin’s handing out these buttons and hats for his players…especially #33 :lol: :lol: :cowboy:

it was getting a tad rediculous, and you don't need to give you opponent ammo. Do these guys think this is really going to scare a team or throw them off? No, it just pisses them off and makes them focus more.

Just a guess but what are the chances that the blackboard or whiteboard in the Calgary locker room reads.


Signed D.A.

It is however such a classy and intelligent quote.