Gades vs Bombers

Lets see how many bomber faithful are left out there

as i said before, this is the game where we see if the players want to keep daley around or not. if they don't show any spirit today they are basically passing daley his walking papers

i will always be a bomber fan but i think ottawa gets back into it with this game

I voted for the Blue…but just barely.

Glenn stated in the paper today, that this is not a desperate must win game for the Bluebombers, he went on to say this is just football…let the chips fall where they may. Thats the attitude that got us in this mess in the first place, no emotion let the chips fall…

:evil: It's halftime during the game right now and I now have to agree with all of those people calling for Daley's head. Do Regimbald or Fleming even play for this team anymore? 2 passes from the 5, with 3 downs and 42 seconds to go? Is Daley just plain stupid?

I've been defending him and placing the blame for the decline entirely on Taman. Well add Daley to the list. This situation is nuts!

I hope they win but Daley has to go.

Good job Bombers! Excellent game, especially from the defense. For once a solid effort results in a win.

woohoo gavin walls! awesome game!

looked like he fainted after that fumble recovery for a TD though

Hahaha... Good Job Walls. Roberts and Walls! Props to you guys. Congrats Roberts! EFFING finally feels good to have won again.

Good job to the bomnbers D, In the second half you guy's struck gold....The offence looked great when they shifted into gear....what's next Boy's..??



We're going to the cup...we're going to the cup....!!!

Whoa! don't get to excitied!

Can't hurt.

Can it??

Walls...Roberts....and Ryan.....bushwacked the Rens......great game guys....I think they should have a good look at Ockimey next game he was the one won who finally put the pressure on Joseph and stripped the ball....something we have needed from the D....and finally got.... to put the game away... :slight_smile: