Gades vs Bombers... it's now or never Joseph!!!

This is Ottawa's much win game. If they can't be the Bombers now it's over.


let me see MM. by your post you want to BE the Bombers......well you are welcome to take on the identity ...but you have to count yourself out of the playoffs.....just be yourself...

It's never over 'til it's over MM.

Go You Downtrodden, Backs Against The Wall Bastard Capital Punishment Thieving Renegades Go!!

Good to see you are still out there cheering your team on Supersmith and MM.

according to the poll below though, most don't give you much chance.
Between me and you though, I hope its us Riders and you gades in the playoffs

ottawa will in....bombers had that heart-breakin loss to the riders, and now they know its over for them....the fight has been taken outta them...ottawa will wreck them, and move back to 6-6!!!

I think the Bombers will have alot of fight in them....maybe more now than ever...six games left and our guy's will be fighting for employment.

I'm still cheering for the Gades folks... I'm just saying that they have to win this one (at least)... cause if they don't we can't expect a miracle after Winnipeg...

Can they win absolutely. Should they win YES...

The question is which Gades team will show up???

Joseph blinded folded should beat Winnipeg!

Even with Joseph blind folded, I am sure we will find a way to drop another one rw2005…

Ottawa is still nothing to the Peg. I predict another Winnipeg Win by 20 points!

Doubt that so much ... I'm thinking Joseph will play his best game this next game... Redemption and the need to prove himself, his team, the management and his fans that he's for real...

Look for a big game from him especially when he tucks it and runs.

Gades will make playoffs…no crossover this year

Uhhh, Theres a good chance that Saskatchewan could cross over....They are tied with Ottawa with 10 points.....Only need one more point to cross over.

As far as I can tell, it's really a race beteew the fomer Rough Riders and the Roughriders at this point.

this game will show whether or not the players have any interest in keeping daley in town. if daley means anything to them they know they need to show up at least. if they come out with no heart they are saying they don't care if daley's booted.

I predict its going to close and its going to be ugly.

Joseph is looking over his shoulder at current QB. prospects the Ren's. are entertaining....will it be a motivating factor....or a total distraction.....only Mr. Joseph can say....should be interesting......who goes Daley or Kerry.... :roll: