'Gades to set up camp in USA?

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Five sites remain in the hunt to play host to the Ottawa Renegades' training camp next spring, including two in the United States.

Club president Lonie Glieberman says there may be a "competitive advantage" to holding camp in the U.S. because it's easier and cheaper to run in American candidates for tryouts.

Glieberman said the Renegades are now weighing the merits of the five options and will select a site by the end of February. The five locations: Kemptville, where the past four Renegades training camps have been held; the University of Ottawa Sports Complex; Petawawa; Orlando, Florida; or Michigan Tech University in Houghton, Michigan, near the Mt. Bohemia Ski Resort, which the Glieberman family has owned and operated since 2003.

Michigan Tech is eager to hold the Renegades' camp and has excellent facilities, but isn't as accessible by plane as is Orlando, Glieberman said.

The U of O, meanwhile, has the advantage of being located in the heart of the city, and would be far more accessible for Renegades fans who want to attend and watch training camp than Kemptville College has been, Glieberman said.

Yet, there are good "strategic" reasons to hold camp in the U.S. because the club can more readily bring American prospects into camp without the hassle of constantly obtaining work visas, Glieberman said. "You can lose 48 hours of time with all the paperwork."

Holding camp in the U.S. would allow the coaching staff to evaluate far more American prospects, particularly if it is held in Florida, with its proximity to the deep talent pool of the American south.

"You have the flexibility to look at a whole lot more players. That's a big factor that could give us a competitive advantage," Glieberman said.

The Renegades have mused in years past about moving camp from Kemptville College, largely because of concerns over the condition and quality of the football field. The U of O has been considered as an alternative, but the Renegades have never been able to come to financial terms with the institution in negotiations over the cost of dorm rooms, meal plans and daily rental of the artificial field.

Glieberman declined comment on whether the financial demands of U of O's Sports Services department are again proving to be prohibitive. But he did say the U of O's Sports Complex continues to "rank high in terms of the choice."

I say the G will pick Michigan in the end. though it be great if they went to FLA. but they should keep the gades in Canada.

It sounds like Michigan is kinda at the bottom of the list though, and U of O is at the top, with Orlando 2nd and the current place 3rd.

I am not sure what to think of this, is this another attempt at a gimmick by the Gleiberguys. Or, the more sinnister person in me thinks the possibility of moving the Gades to Detroit/Windsor. Regardless, this could be another nail in the coffin for Ottawa fans as "out of sight out of mind". Or, maybe it is a negotiation ploy in trying to get a better deal at U of O.

it could be very smart for the gades to do this....as glieb said, they can get a better look at american players.

I'm not sure what to make of it either.... I'll see how things play out before making a comment.

Argotom, I highly doubt it's a gimmick, or a step towards moving the team to Detroit. I think it's just what it is - a chance to evaluate more American players.
Although it might help them with that, it will be less exposure to their own fans, which is not good for the gades' already low profile in Ottawa. It's as if they're flipping the bird to their own fans, and their own season-ticket holders. There will be minimal coverage of training camp in the press - which paper is gonna send a reporter on a month-long vacation to cover camp? Also, there's the cost involved in getting the team back to Canada for its exhibition games. But the worst part is, local fans won't be able to check out training camp. In terms of the franchise, I don't think it's worth it. Don't do it Gliebs ... keep the camp in Ottawa!

the only thing great abou them going to FLA is that I might be abou to see them down there. but that's not a good reason. Canukey is right.


Going by the logic of some that a training camp should be close to where the team plays to increase fan attendance at games, it seems it doesn't hurt baseball too much.
Really, I don't think that the location of the camp matters too much except to the very die-hard fans who are going to be going to the games anyways.

I' am an American and i say keep the gades in Canada. Next thing you know the mayor will want the team to say. Perfect example New Orleans Saints, every city they play in is like an audition.

Yes Peter but sports is as much business as it is, well sports. The Baltimore Colts, a great franchise with so much tradition, just packed it up one night, loaded the gear in a truck and carted off to Indy. I hated that, loved Johnny U and company there. But the owners didn’t get what they needed, a new stadium and maybe other stuff. If the Ottawa owners aren’t getting what they want from the politicians there to make the team viable, well, it’s a business and they have every right to move them where they please given the approval of the other teams and the league. I want them to stay in Ottawa, knowing the great football tradition Ottawa has had in the past. But again, business is business, all is fair in love and war as they say.
Just thinking about the Baltimore situation really gets under my skin.

Earl this leads to another question do you think the Gades would even attempt to move to the U.S. That's what it could lead to.

This is another move by these 2 con-artists working on a way to destroy the Ottawa franchise again just like the first time.HEY YOU TWO'SNAKES IN THE GRASS' Why don't you 2 head to the states if you want to get involved with American talent.This is the CFL not the NFL.I think the league needs to increase the Canadian content and work on getting rid of these type owners that are just thinking about there wallets and not the league or its team.I'm siding with the league govenors that want to get rid of these two bone-heads.How'd they even get back ownership anyway?

......Windsor boys, Windsor is where the Gleibs are looking......right across the river from the US's fifth/sixth largest city.....you don't have to be IN America to draw American dollars.......especifally when the Lions suck as badly as they do.........

i think a Windsor team would work.

......big problem though, no stadium to speak of.......

I've been called a few things in my life but never a friggin snake in the grass! Oh well, could have been worse I guess 8)

I kind of agree with you johnsobo about getting rid of an owner, American or Canadian, that would want to move a team to the States. This should never happen. But why did the league allow these owners back in, knowing full well that this could happen with them? Because, I guess, they had no other choice, no one else was stepping up to the plate in Ottawa I gather. Or maybe Tom Wright is just not very good at his job, I don't know.

I hope the Gades or any CFL team do not ever move to the States. That would be very bad. But that being said, not as a snake in the grass but as an elephant in the middle of a desert, the CFL like all leagues is a business with franchisee owners who, once allowed in the league even when maybe they shouldn't have been, have a right to look for another market if they can't make it one particular market.