Gades to be wearing their 3rd jersey vs Montreal

It’s red and black and you can see it here:

[url=] ... 8-sun.html[/url]

Looks pretty cool.

Sorry, SUNshineGirl diverted my attention.

Back to the 3rd jerseys

Although it looks good,

I have trouble with the Ottawa teams (Renegades or Riders) wearing any other colours than black (when not wearing the white).

That’s just my two cents (without GST).

Now back to those SUNshineGirls :wink: :smiley:

I like them - gives them a different look - they need to do some minor alletrations to the helmet logo - I was never a big fan of it

Don’t mind the Renegade symbol (although I am one that would love to see the Rough Riders name come back & the R)

Logo on helmet is too small & personally I would remove the maple leaf

yes, that sunshine girl today is pretty smokin. now the 3rd jerseys look sharp, but don’t know if i’d go out and buy one. i want to see the black jerseys in person, they look nice.

I gotta say the Third jeresys look absolute Excellent i would rank them within the top ten of my personal Favorite Jeresys along with the Mighty Ducks HOme and Road Jeresy sweaters.

Best jersey in the entire league, I daresay.

Yes, it is a very sharp jersey, I wonder how many times they will wear them this year.

They look pretty damn good from the SS upper deck!

Sharp and the red is undeafeated!!

They remind me of the Rough Riders jerseys when they won the 1960 Grey Cup. Looks nice. Now bring back the R.

Check out Monday’s SUNShine girl. Mmmmmm. Candy.

Enough with the Rough Riders geez!! It’s over get on with it!