Gades suspend operations...

I don't think we'll be seeing the team make a return in 2007. Sadly, I don't think ottawa will have another franchise ever again. And by "suspend", I think they're trying to use a nicer term saying "fold". Do you honestly think they'll find an owner who wants to attempt to gain back fan support after their franchise has folded twice in 10 years? Its a sad day in the CFL.

i agree ppl will forget the gades for a year then and even darker day in the cfl OTTAWA FOLDING

I'm very disappointed. The CFL is taking two steps back. Wright is finished. Expansion is just a dream. Good luck to all the Gades players. :frowning:

ahhhhh the sens playoffs are coming so be happy for tht

A sad day indeed. Not that we couldn't see it coming. This team was doomed from the start. Read Mike Nixon's editorial from today on he is telling it like it is.

My thoughts are with the fans of the Renegades. It's just such a loss and it looks just too ugly how a city can lose 2 teams in ten years. Not as ugly as Los Angeles losing not only the Rams but also the Raiders in the same year. But anyways its like theres this big thing missing now and its not complete anymore.

I love the CFL just how its football but has a style that we can call our own. And ......ahh I'm at a loss of words. I just would have loved to one day see this league keep getting bigger and it just got smaller again. Were right back to 5 years ago.

Anyways cheer for your Sens in the playoffs because its all you got for now...Shottin' a rum for you guys. Cheers


Ottawa Renegades

I feel bad for the die hard gade fans for sure. It is a rotten deal that the league over the years have not found a crediable owner. Again bring in a USA owner that knows very little and the result is this. I think you will get teams in Halifax and Quebec city before it comes back. Truly a sad day for Gades fans.

You don't give a $##% about Ottawa fans, so don't B.S., we CFL fans out west care a lot about Ottawa fans, we just don't like you specifically......

OOOOOOOH, that breaks my heart,

........hahaha.....touchy aren't we.......can dish it out but can't take it I see.....

ha ha ha ha ha ha you are pathetic!

I'm curious ORR
What exactly is it that you want us to do?

hes just pissed his team is down GONNNEE imagine if tht happened to the Als ro....or to you red....i know i would cry like a baby and blame everyone i could....soo ORR you got full right to be mad as hell

I understand why he is mad! Been there before!
He said we dont care about Ottawa fans( well not exactly but I am poilte) What are we supposed to do?

lol yah i understand ur point.....hes getting kinda delusional..but again so would i.and my jealousy would rage out of control because all of you have a team and he doesnt...thats where all this anger is stemming from

When the Als were gone I rooted for another team. I didn't follow as closely but I was still a fan of the game

.......or look at Sportsmen......he lives equidistant (not sure if that is a real word, but I'm using it anyway) from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, calls the Lions 'his' team but is just as happy to watch a game at McMahon or Commonwealth.....why?......because he is a fan of the sport first, his team second.....and that to me is the making of a true fan.....

I'm so sorry Ottawa, see you in 2007.

I’m a Bomber fan. So is my wife, and so are the other 6 season ticket holders we sit with at McMahon stadium. Naturally, we dispise the Stampeders. Yet this is our third year as season ticket holders at McMahon and we only have 4 more years on the waiting list to gain a tailgate spot on the stadium parking lot!!! …

Not to mention we also have members of our group that also have season tickets in Winnipeg as well (and we don’t even live there!!) … and those tickets are given out to our friends back in the Peg for each game …

You support the team / franchise no matter what … or you’ll lose it.

told ya so.