Sportsnet is reporting how the Gades have signed Kerry Joseph to a whopping $2M five year contract. Again, despite at times a circus atmosphere the Gleiberguys have so far signed their key players to long terms mega bucks contract. Is Josh Ranek next?

this is good news for gades fans.....they are active in tryin to keep thier core guys....hope they can steal some stars from other teams.

now sign Ranek, and get some good Olinemen...they should be in a race for the playoffs with hamilton

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The wise men in Ottawa's front office avoided trade temptations and rightly gave franchise quarterback Kerry Joseph a standard-setting extension.

Well, it looks like Santa won't be bringing Kerry Joseph to Saskatchewan fans after all.

The much sought after quarterback has agreed in principle to a five-year, $2 million contract extension with the Ottawa Renegades, negating trade talks that have been ongoing between the two clubs for weeks. Only a few minor details are remaining with the official announcement expected in early January.

Although reluctant to trade Joseph, Ottawa officials gave serious consideration to a couple of very attractive offers from the Riders. The first of which, included a proposed deal which would have sent Nealon Greene, Scott Gordon, and the Riders first two selections in the 2006 Canadian Draft to the nation's capital in exchange for the talented 31-year-old quarterback.

Showing just how much he values Joseph, Riders' GM Roy Shivers had supposedly "sweetened the pot" in the past couple of weeks hoping to finalize the deal before Christmas. And, had Joseph not agreed to this extension, I firmly believe Ottawa would have pulled the trigger on the deal, as opposed to allowing Joseph to play out his option in 2006, possibly risk losing him via free agency with zero compensation.

This news will certainly be met with disappointment in Riderland, but give full marks to Shivers who has been aggressive in pursuing this potential blockbuster deal. And, credit 'Gades General Manager Forrest Gregg, too. As a former coach, he knows first-hand the value of an experienced quarterback. By showing patience, he was able to deliver new head coach John Jenkins exactly what he wanted: Kerry Joseph, with a long-term contract, to build his new team around.

Speaking of quarterbacks, it is clear that both Dave Dickenson and Casey Printers will not both be back in British Columbia in 2006. If Printers does, in fact, accept the Lions new multi-year proposal, look for Wally Buono to immediately entertain trade offers for Dickenson, who will turn 33 in January. Of course, if that does happen, it will be just another example of why professional football is often refered to as "a great game, but not a great business." Ironic, too. After all, it was only three short years ago when the very same decision was made in Vancouver, to go with the younger quarterback. In that circumstance, however, it was Damon Allen who was packing his bags as the team's hierarchy decided to make Dave "their guy." It was a bitter pill to swallow for Damon, a justifiably proud future Hall of Famer, but he handled it with class. Now, it's suddenly looking more and more possible that there's going to be another pill to swallow in Vancouver.

Almost a month removed from the Grey Cup, hardly a day passes when someone doesn't mention the thrilling 38-35 overtime Edmonton win, a tremendous accomplishment for the Eskimos, arguably the league's premier franchise. But, on this historic weekend, there was another big winner -- The BC Lions. After selling the game out months in advance (59,000 plus), many expected Vancouver to lose its "buzz" after the Lions lost in a heart-breaking West Divison final. But, as we all saw, nothing could have been further from the truth. The Grey Cup parade in Vancouver (certainly helped by the fact that Pam Anderson was the Grand Marshall) drew an estimated 100,000 spectators on a breathtaking day. That same level of enthusiasm was evident at every turn in Vancouver and continued through Sunday afternoon's classic.

The first-class event was a testament to the remarkable rebirth of football in Vancouver. Lest we not forget, when David Braley purchased the Lions in the spring of 1997, the team had been in receivership for months and had less than 6,000 season ticket holders. Nine years later that figure has almost tripled, and the Lions, who averaged more than 30,000 per game, have visions of pushing that figure above and beyond 35,000 in the next few years. Incredible!

There can be no debate, football is alive and well again on the west coast. And, in a season of joy and merriment, in CFL circles, the BC Lions tremendous rejuvenation is certainly one of many successes worthy of true celebration!

Happy Holidays to all and many blessings to you and those you love in 2006!

If that's the case, doesn't that make the East as the beast of the league. With Jason greatly improving the Ticats and if we, the Argos could get DD or CP, look out. The crossover will be from the East to West.

Give the old geezer Forrest Gregg credit for knowing talent and not trading Joseph. That would have rated as one of the worst trades in recent memory. Does this mean how the Riders will try to get either DD or CP. Will Wally trade to another Western team or will it be the Argos.

The deal would have to be sooo sweet...before wally trades in the West...

you have got to be sh1tting me........$400K a year........he has never had a winning season or finished an entire one for that matter, never in the top 4 in qb eff rating, throws as many picks as he does tds........well at least his agent is an allstar......

never finished an entire season....he just did. I guess you agree with the rest dg..........

i agree that the gades couldnt keep him on that team without over spending to keep him....thats the only way the gades are gonna get anyone there right now.

but who knows how the contrat is broken down?...maybe he gets 300K next season with increases every year until the contract is up???
in which case, he may be worth it by the end.

i disagree pigseye. When they announce a contract like that the numbers include all incentives. Most players dont even come close to all their incentives. If KJ does get all his incentives the Gades are Grey Cup bound. That isnt going to happen just yet so lets see how he does and what he makes in reality. A comperable examle is a regular guy saying he makes 70000 dollars a year when in fact his take home pay is more like 45000 after taxes etc. If it aint in your pocket you aint makin it.

rengades nation's getting a little louder.....

a good draft and some more key signings and watch those who have failed to dream start jumping on the 06 wagon...

What is mr. glieberman doing. He might as well go after Ted White. If I was an Renagade fan, I would be Pssd. Oh well, who is BC going to trade with now?

The deal isn’t 400,000 per year… it’s around 315,000 with incentives…

Does the League have to approve this one to?

they have to approve all contracts.

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....let's put it quite simply....How the hell are you going to pay these kinds of salaries...with attendance around 15000 a dosen't add up....but what it does add up to is....the Gliebs. going broke....the rest of the CFL....picking up the tab.....the Bombers having to go back to the east (UGH) again......and a whole pile of inflated salaries.....why am I so pessimistic.....because I have seen this show before....are we trying to go down the same road as the N.H.L....oh boy.... :roll:

or...the 'gades move to Quebec-city, and the bombers can stay in the west.

or...the gades draw higher attendance, cuz fans see commitment to winning.

Ottawa will be fine, the league will take over if the G's fallout.

...and who is going to be stuck with those inflated salaries.....the league...I hope drumming god is right....I'd love to see the team become a great success rather than any of the alternatives...I guess all we can do is hope... :arrow: