GADES ....Scoring Thrills!

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Finally , some good press for the GADES...............!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

Don usually has good things to say about the Gades

But not the rest of the league........and I can't believe he mentioned the MARTI G............. thing again?........this is the forth time.

well, the mardi gras thing has the upper deck packed


Just read in the paper this morning that they already have 16,000 sold for their next game against BC, which isn't until September 8. They were saying that the group sales have started to pick up, so that's a good sign that football is starting to pick up in the nation's capital.

Excellent , and if the team is smart they have plenty of time to promote those next home games.

I haven't encouraged others to go to a Gades game yet this season, but I think I'll send out a few emails for the Lions game next month. BC has to loose at some point, could it be due to some Capital Punishment? OK, maybe I'm dreaming a little, but I hope its a close one!!!

NOW WE are talking!

I'll be helping the Gades out. I got 6 tickets last month

The first football game I ever went to was in Ottawa mind you I dont remember much of it and back then they were called the Rough Riders. They'd be my favourite team if it wasnt for Hamilton. There definatly in a strong second everyone else i dont care about. No offence to all the other teams or fans of the other teams.

Are you going to the game on the 8th?