Gades QBs

I wonder how our third stringer, Paul Peterson, will work out? I don’t know a thing about his star career with Boston College. And it sounds like he has few injuries to overcome. My hope is that both Banks and Peterson will have a chance to develop and add some serious depth to the QB position. Banks looked really strong last year when he stepped in for Joseph. The Gades are getting these guys on the cheap. Could Peterson and Banks be diamonds in the rough?


Banks looks like he can do it for sure! I like the tandem in Ottawa they just need the supporting cast and this could be a very entertaining team. Get Rid of Joe P ma n that guy sucks! :roll:

Banks and Joseph will be solid for the gades the next few years.

no kidding… as long as those two stay healthy then Ottawa has no worries in the QB posision… unfortuantly i cant say the same for other posisions

Banks looked pretty good filling in for Joseph last year. He showed poise and maturity in the pocket and has good accuracy with his passes. Unfortunately, he came in when the team had been crippled by injuries and Paopao’s playcalling had dwindled to: shovel pass, direct snap and four-yard out pattern to wide receiver. No surprise Banks wasn’t able to be effective.

Joseph can be a great quarterback … if he stays healthy. The guy has to remember that he’s not a safety or running back anymore, he’s a QB. When he runs, he has to start doing the baseball slide instead of churning forward until five guys bring him down and he injures his ankle or whatever. If he plays smart and takes care of his body, and if Paopao makes better decisions as offensive coordinator, the Gades will be a threat this year.

Banks was outstanding last year when I saw him. The Gades are my boys in the East.

Where are you supersmith, I got your back in Ottawa.

You all know the Bombers are devestating, right?? Right?

P.S. Someone tell me how Markus Howell is doing in camp. I was teamates with him in High School. Take care of him, he’ll be good if he makes your team guys.

[ :shock: color=violet]Well Paopo said he was impresed by that Paul Peterson guy QB when he was playing…[/color]

And now Ottawa has re-signed Darnell Kennedy…

Ouch I just hope he gets his head on straight. He looked like Kevin Feterik while he was here. Do not get me wrong I think he is a good QB but he did not show it here during TC. IMO Souza was better he got cut earlier.