Gades pick up Cutolo

According to Sportsnet, the Gades have picked up Frank Cutolo off waivers from BC. Good move for Ottawa. Looks like the Gades will have a good recieving corps this year with Cutolo, Yo Murphy, Jason Armstead, Pat Woodcock and a couple of others. More targets for KJ to throw to.

GOOD move , that will help …big time.

Why did BC release Cutolo?

BC allowed Cutolo to go because of 2-3 better new receivers in training camp. Some with NFL experience. In 2004, Cutolo underperformed and Wally has very high standards. In pro football, good receivers are plentiful and every CFL team has good receivers.

nice pick-up for the RENS. …would have liked to see him in the Peg…but talk was we couldn’t make a deal …so he had to clear waivers…first shot went to Cal. and they passed hmmmmmm. next pick went to Ottawa and they took him…goodluck I still think he’s a quality player.

these “better” recievers sure weren’t better then Cutolo was…i was at the last BC preseason game and man the one guy dropped the most easiest pass in the world…but ya other then that these new recievers didn’t do anything special…i think its just because of size and import ratio…Cutolo didn’t underachive last year…Wally let him sit on his butt for most of the season and didn’t use him like he was in his rookie year…Buonos loss is Ottawa’s gane…Brazzell went to Ottawa too didn’t he? watch out for the Gades this season… don’t under estimate them

Brazzell went to Hamilton, Ottawa had a shot at him, but he chose the Ti-Cats instead. He would have been nice to have because of his size, but Cutolo will do just fine.

I applaud Paopao. He seems to, slowly but surely, add a few key players here and there. Cutolo would have seen limited throws in BC, but will most likely be a playmaker in Ottawa. Great move for the guy too.

As I said before: Go Rens! Take a playoff berth out of the Argos’ hands!

In the offseason I predicted that cutolo would have a big year this year (albeit for the lions) and in ottawa he will see a lot of passes thrown his way. He is a strong fast receiver and should be a good fit in ottawa

Yeah i agree. I think he will fit in very well with the renegades.

WTG Rens excellent move on picking up Cutolo i am very pleased by this move.

It hasn’t really been made official, makes you wonder if Sportsnet jumped the gun.

Would Taman get his head out of his arse and pick up a marquee receiver already? We have quarterbacks out the ying yang and a whole slough of receivers who performed poorly in pre-season. For the love of god, somebody tell Taman to get on the horn and swing a deal for one of our QB’s for an O lineman, defensive back or receiver. Lord knows we’ll need it to compete with the other teams in this league who actually bolster their line-ups.

Glad the Gades got Cutolo. I was surprised we let him go, but hoped he would end up in Ottawa. Good luck and I hope the fans start coming out to support the team.

Bobby Curtola,…er, I mea Frank Cutolo!! Things are looking up! Think it has something to do with Lonnie’s deeper pockets??

Go You Thieving Bastard Renegades Go!!

Great move. Got another good reciever out of the West