Gades over Riders in Riderland... Impressive

Alright, now this is exacly what we needed. A road win!!! Amazing. Can't beleive it was not a tv.

Anybody who's seen the game give up some dets.

Gades are for real!!!

Didn't see the game. Listened to it online...sort of. Dial up kept cutting in and out, and you hear about 10-20 seconds then wait while it buffers. Oh well.

Congratulations! The only thing that really makes this win palatable (as a 'Riders fan) is that it is a loss to you. It also helps that Calgary is losing right now.

Tied for first in the East! Gotta give you credit. Your defense held when it needed to, particularly in the first quarter (held us to FGs) and that last chance drive. Good luck in the rest of your games - except when we play again, of course! :smiley:

Thanx Green n' Grey.... I had the same problem... Internet radio broadcast kept cutting out... it especially sucked in the last minute or so....

Anyway... it was a big win for the Gades, their defence was stellar.... Greene had an off night tonight and I can guarantee you that it will be a different game on Aug 11..... Saskatchewan will be a tough team to beat at Frank Clair, but Ottawa always plays well at home.

Up next...... bring on the 'Cats..... I want to go to the game, but I so far can't find anyone to go with..... errrrr.......

haha i got hi speed internet i had no problems at all heard the whole game from start to finish, but wow all i got to say is defence!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Ottawa from all bomber fans, and good win, your team is a contender in the east, be proud of your boys.