Gades need to sign some Offensive lineman in the offseason

No doubt that Joseph could have had way less interceptions if he had had time to set up properly.

Same thing goes with Ranek... He should have hit 1000 a long time ago with some better horses up front.

On D - some more experience and talent @ MLB would be nice. The DB's and CB's have done relatively well this year and most of those guys should be invited back.

I agree. I just posted my wish list on another thread. A bigger, faster, stronger O line to protect Joseph and open the lanes for Ranek. It all boils down to money...Are the Glibermans willing to spend it?

They better... they bought the team to win... didn't they?

Letting go of alex gauthier was a huge mistake. They need to develop obie khan because he is going to be a good one. but they need a lot of help. They need some big recievers who can make plays and get open.