Gades need to be on TV more!

No offence to the other teams but the Gades are the surprise so far this season and they are also one of the most entertaining teams to watch.

It's poor that TSN and CBC have managed to not televise their games.

Sure us Gade fans are pissed about this but if your team if playing vs Ottawa you too should be upset by this.

Ottawa is the least televised team for a 2nd time in a row and this year's tv sched is beyond brutal.

The y could have at least spread it around a bit more Ottawa not on tv 4 games this year. That's 3 more games then all the other teams.

i bet, at the start of the year....when TSN and CBC picked which games to show on tv, they thought of ottawa as the crappy team they were last year, and that they would continue to suck.....

if TSN and CBC could pick again, they'd probably pick up those games, and show less of the tiger-cats or something.

Actually games the TiCats are playing in are just as good as any other game, if not better, as there is the drama of whether we will win or not ie. WILL THIS FINALLY BE THE GAME?

Every team is dreading us as they don’t want to be the team that loses first to the TiCats. As the song says, “Who will it be now?”


Why do I have this funny feeling the Als will give Hamilton their first win? We collapsed against Ottawa when everyone thought the Rens were still a crappy football team. We handed Winnipeg their first and much needed win... In French, we say "Jamais deux sans trois"...

Ottawa's sched sould be better next year, now that the ownership question is done.

15 Ottawa games are on T.V.

Our time will come MM........
.........Our time will come.
We have nothing to complain about. We're winning. There's nothing wrong with listening to the Gades deliver some Capital Punishment over the radio waves with a cold one in hand.
But I'll tell you this much, next year's TV broadcasts better be different.
Go You Thieving Renegade Capital Punishment Bastards Go!!!

Why does everyone blame TSN and CBC for non-televised games. I'm sure that Ottawa had a say in which game s are on TV.

We have the same expression in English
Never 2 without 3

The team choses which games to black out.

Again the GADES have 15 games on T.V.

...get over it...

didn’t The Score and Sportsnet show a game or two last year. i know for sure they aired the first bombers riders game last year. why dont they show some of the untelivised games?

Because of the JAYS.