Gades have 3 potential buyers**

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Sportsnet has learned three ownership groups are currently in the midst of serious talks with the CFL about the prospect of purchasing the Ottawa Renegades. -- Years of on-field failure have not scared off potential suitors for the Ottawa Renegades franchise.

Sportsnet has learned three ownership groups are currently in the midst of serious talks with the CFL about the prospect of purchasing the Ottawa Renegades.

The CFL and its Board of Governors held a conference call Wednesday to discuss the particulars surrounding the possibility of a deal between the league and three new suitors to purchase the fledgling franchise. Two of the ownership groups have significant business ties within Ontario, while the other group is American-based.

The biggest problem now facing the CFL comes down to the sheer timing of getting a deal done, with the next 10-14 days being crucial to stabilizing the short-term future of the Renegades.

One CFL governor told Sportsnet, the current situation is as "precarious as having an egg in a vice grip" that could crack at any point. If a deal isn't done by mid-April, then the Renegades will almost certainly suspend operations and have a dispersal draft.

There is even the possibility that the CFL could get one of the groups to purchase the team, but still not operate this season due to time constraints.

Today's reports in Ottawa papers regarding the firing of the Renegades coaching staff were not necessarily inaccurate, but likely just premature at this point as the league scrambles to put a new owner in place in the immediate future.

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according to Rick Zamperin, CHML Sports reporter:

Carleton University has received a check for the use of
their sports field facilities for the Renegades Training Camp.

and travel arrangements have been mad for the Renegades.

Who paid for these services was not mentioned

I went to quote and got a duplicate! This is good news if this happens!

so are ALL of them gonna own the team? or just one of them?

if so, forget the american, been there, did that.

This is great news ... where there's smoke there's fire, etc. Rumours, at this point, can only help. But as I said in another post, my suggestion is to avoid the American owner ... successful American ownership in the CFL is BY FAR the exception to the norm.

I'm apprehensive, but I still have faith that the CFL will pick a good owner - look at their track record, with Hamilton and Toronto.

March 28, 2006
Mr. Arash Madani
A Channel
Dear Arash,
Thank you for your invitation to the “Town Hall� meeting you are hosting tomorrow
evening. As my office communicated yesterday, and I think you will understand, I
am not able to participate as I am attending other meetings at this time related to
the Ottawa Renegades.
This is an immensely difficult issue for everyone involved, and particularly our fans in
Ottawa-Gatineau. There should be no question that we are doing everything
possible to arrive at a positive solution for our franchise in Ottawa and ideally one
that would see the Renegades compete in the 2006 season.
Clearly, last year’s experience in Ottawa was anything but positive for Renegades’
fans. I understand this as well as anyone and assume responsibility for where we are
today. That is fact for the history books and not a subject I intend to delve into. My
goal and the goal of the Board of Governors is to return the Ottawa franchise to a
position of health as quickly as possible.
Ottawa is a strong sports city and a strong CFL market. We need to look no further
than the Senators and the Ottawa 67’s to know what committed ownership and
leadership can deliver. To that end, we are in discussions with a number of potential
owners who recognize the vitality of the market and the fit for our brand of sport. We
are working hard to identify the right organization that can be assembled to operate
the Renegades this year, pulling from the depth of talent that exists within this
League and beyond. We will, however, not sacrifice quality this time around for a
quick fix to this difficult situation.
I will be present in Ottawa over the coming days and weeks and was, in fact, in the
city earlier today. I will be meeting with various officials as our plans unfold.
I appreciate your patience and your support of the franchise and promise that we
will communicate progress as real news becomes available.
Tom E.S. Wright

is anyone from the ottawa area watching this town meeting on the A-channel?...if so, please re-cap here.

DG see my posting on the THM.

I just came back from the Town meeting, even if I am an “hardcore” Al’s fan.

I was there to support a CFL franchise in Ottawa.

Tillman confirmed off-air at the Town HAll, that 3 “potential buyers” have been approched.

2 in Ontario & 1 in USA, and none of them had previous CFL experience, but league will “help them out” to make it work !

Town hall was good, CFL gave an April 4th deadline…otherwise…I dunno…

We’ll see over the next couple of days…

XGamer, good to hear that you were out there, even though you're an Als fan. If I didn't live in Calgary, I'd have been there too. I'm mostly interested in the viability of the CFL. How many people were out there? Was it packed?

XGamer I watched on TV and it came across pretty good. No one asked Eric whether he would be interested again as GM. Did he say anything afterwards? What was his/your sense the likelihood something will be done this weekend.

It was mentioned on the show that Bernie G is still paying the bills and would help a new owner this season if needed, whatever that means.

the sun newspaper sports section has a poll asking:
do u care if the renegades play this season or not?

click the link to vote and show the media we care, so they continue to cover the situation.

About 50 people showed up, as for question on-air, only 1 guy did it, as you probably all saw, but off-air Tillman was "asked" that question.

He didn't say yes or no, but we all have a "hunch" that he already has the "job".

only 50? only one question? I hope they had to turn people away, but why on earth would you do that?

Well to answer Kanga,

Most of the talking was done by Jenkins & Tillman to clarify the it took most of the air-time out. The show lasted about 30 minutes.

We weren't there to be part of a "Jerry Springer Show" and duke it out between each other...Canadians know how to behave on TV ! :wink:

YES, around 50 fans showed up, but Jenkins & Tillman stayed at least 30 minutes after the show and most of our concerns where answered by them.

It was a good Town Hall meeting, that gave ius a lot of "hope" for the 2006 season.

In defence of the crowd, this event wasn't advertised at all to my knowledge (perhaps mentioned in A Channel news, Team 1200). The only people who probably knew of it were folks on this site and members of Renegade Nation.
If they would have advertised I know there would have been more...

Couple of things. There were only about 50 seats and they were reserved for those who emailed ahead of time.

Also, A-Channel only came up with idea last Friday. Short time period to pull this together.

PS: I was sitting beside XGamer --- two Als' fans trying to save the Gades.

Yes, it was too bad that more in audience didn't have chance to ask questions but they had lots of ground to cover.

Tillman was just on TEAM 1200 here and pretty much reiterated what he said on camera last nite.

Myself, him and Arash Madani seem to be in minority in that we believe there will be CFL football in Ottawa in 06

I hope that it was more than 50 people that showed up though.