Gades goin down - Big Time!

Let me be the first to start it. The Gades are goin down to a crushing defeat this friday against the mighty Lions. Although I very much enjoyed their awesome comeback and subsequent victory over the stinkin' Als - I believe it had more to do with a Mtl. let down than anything else. However, I digress. The Gades are in for a serious dose of reality when they face the Lions on Friday night - I prtedict that our offence is going to light it up and our D will relentlessly pound Joseph til he cries for his Mommy - Whaa.

Mighty Lions 45
Renegades 10


I for one am hoping for the gades to win this one. They beat montreal and they kind of seam like the little engine that could. Go Rens Go.

I agree with most of your opinion leosrule... however... our defence has no pass rush... so i'm not too sure how much we'll "pound" Joseph... but the Lions will win by a bunch.

from what i hear, the lions secondary isn’t that great. And with all the ex-lions that we got, they will want to prove a point. Should be closer than everyone thinks.


leosrule, I would have agreed with the prediction of a blowout before last week but now I think the gades proved they are not as bad as everyone thought. They proved to me that their effort will be there every week to make each game close and exciting. It is great for the cfl and I know that I have more interest in watching gades games because of last week. However, I predict the lions will win by a couple TDs just because Dickenson is DA MAN!

Hey this sounds like last week when no body gave ottawa a chance. You lions better watch out cause this is a better team than you think. Maybe not as good as you guys are but never underestimate your opponent.

BC 37
OTT 31

The Gades have a good team this year. The Lions can go dump a log on my front step. *at it.

31 to 21..............B.C.

From today's Province newspaper:
B.C. is 6-0 against the Gades with an average margin of victory of 19.7 pts. and it's been since 1990 when an Ottawa team won a game at B.C. Place.
Friday night there'll be a big crowd, big noise and a big win. You can take that to the bank!

The Gades have proven nothing other than Mtl. slacked off in the 4th quarter... any team can come back like that if you slack off.

It's not every team that does come back. But the Renegades have done this before with Joseph at the helm. Never count this team out. They are better than people give them credit for.

And you call yourself a Gades fan???? Get behind your team you :oops: . Like I am.

Bring it on Lions...

You guys think you're the end all and be all and so I've read what every Gade fans read at this time every week...

Funny you sound so much like Als fans!!!

Your D is not as good as Montreal's and we scored 23 UNanswered points on them. Let's be honest here - Montreal had the best D in the league...

Somebody on this post said that you didn't have very good pass rush... Good - Joseph will take his time to pick you apart... And when he doesn't he'll be scoring them by foot himself.

Plus our boys know all of your tricks cause they were all Lions... And we all know they want to show you guys that you made the mistake of letting them go.

I'm gonna go on a limb here and predict that the pounding is not going to happen. Infact. Ottawa will win this one!!!

Don't throw any stats at me about Ottawa never winning in BC... The Gades are only 4 years old.. That means nothing.

It's all about respecting your oponent and knowing to take advantage of opportunities. You guys don't know what to expect from Ottawa...

43 - 36 Ottawa! That's right!

Gades have sooo much confidance coming off a big win in overtime against montreal i think joesph can attack the not so strong secondary of BC's and actully win this one but it will be close

:oops: . Go Gades.

yes....let's be honest here..... Montreal's defence went and hit the showers after the 3rd quarter... if they had not slacked off your Gades would have been crushed. The ONLY reason the Gades won is because Montreal SLACKED OFF in the 4th.... just look at the other 3 quarters in that game.

And even if you want to say that it was great work of Joseph and others that put them back in the game and not the lack of effort by Mtl.... ONE QUARTER of football does not make you a contender.

The Gades SUCKED in their opener... and SUCKED last week. All you Ott. fans should have the entire Als defence on your x-mas card list this year for letting you have the win.

Anyways... if you only play good 25% of the time and crappy the other 75%... don't expect to be better than a 5 and 13 team.... and certianly don't expect to beat the good teams without having the other teams D go to sleep for the last quarter.

SOoooo, you're saying that Montreal should've been awarded the win automatically for playing well for three quarters. NEWS FLASH! There are four quarters in a game. The Renegades beat them when the chips were down. The Renegades made the plays when they needed to. C'mon, have the balls to give them some credit. You let your guard down against a god team and they will burn you. If the Lions take Ottawa too lightly, they are going to get BURNED !!!! :twisted:

No... i'm not saying that Mtl. should have been given the win after 3 quarters... but by your own argument Ott. can not just play one quarter and expect to win. Like you said... there are 4 quarters in a game.

All i was saying is that if Mtl. had played the 4th like they had played the first 3... there would be no discussion about this cuz it would have been a blowout for Mtl. last week.

I just find it funny that as soon as the Gades pull one out of their ass late in a game that they looked like crap for the first 75% of... all of a sudden the Ott. fans are raving about the team and figure they are contenders..... NEWS FLASH.... they are NOT contenders just because they played 1 good quarter of football against a team that basically went to sleep after the 3rd. If the bombers are down by 23 going into the 4th tonight and Calgary goes to sleep after the 3rd and the bombers pull off a big comeback are we to consider them contenders??? NO... so why is it any different for Ottawa?

oh... P.S. i will give the Gades credit for taking full advantage of a team that let it's guard down and ceased to try thinking it was a done deal. But i simply can not give them any more credit than that until they show that they can play against a team and look respectable for a whole game... not just 1 quarter where the other team slacks off.