Gades go down to Als. Surprised??

Went to the game with my son. Was a very nice evening even though it threatened to rain. Sat on the South Side. Son loved it. Now on to the game.
Aside from us losing our left tackle (an American who protected Kerry Joseph's backside in College) and losing the game, I thought it was a pretty entertaining game.
The Rens tried 4 different Centres as our starter was out with an injury (on the suspended list, hehe) and that it one of the reasons Matt Kellett gave up a TD on a high snap over his head, then lackadaisically tried to kick the ball through the end zone and fanned on the ball. Hopefully that won't happen too often.
I was impressed with the play of Calvillo, although I think the Als, although Ottawa lost, were surprised by the different looking defence.
The defensive play of the game for me was when Landry was running back a wid field goal attempt and was all alone racing toward the end zone, that is until John Turntine (a hulking Linebacker) chased him down, coming from the far side hash marks, and tackled the little guy on the 15 or so yard line. We gave him a standing O.
The Rens may have lost, but, we played most of our "bubble guys" against the Als first string for most of 3 quarters. ....and then Ted White came in....yikes!! As I said before, if Calvillo goes down, the Als are going nowhere fast. Thank God we picked up Darnell Kennedy as he was fairly productive and knows the Offensive schemes.
All in all, the Rens are a muchdifferent, and maybe better team this season.

Yeah, the Als played a lot of starters and Ottawa didn't, the score meant nothing. I think The Rens fans are in for a better season this year. I was happy to hear Cavillo was looking good and a few of the Als receivers had good games.
can't wait until Wednesday, it's time to start the season!


We are on the same wave length because I thought that Turntine catching up to Lnadry was the defensive play of the game and a tremendous effort. I was at the game with my radio in the North stands and there was very little mention of it on the Team which surprised me. It really reminded me of Nick Benjamin doing the same thing years ago on the same side of the field. I would've given him the defensive star of the game for that.

That Turntine play was the highlight of the night....standing O material from our section. From where I was sitting the snap to Kellett looked pretty good, looked like it just went right through his hands, although I didnt see a highlight of it yet.

PS - Does anyone else notice, we can never get through one single game without either the scoreboard, PA announcer, or on-field announcer's microphone going out?? I'm talking EVERY SINGLE GAME since 2002 something goes out.

Great to be back at the park again. Turtine's play was the play of the game for me! Joseph and Armstead: great combo! Heard this morning that left tackle only sprained his ankle so should be back soon (forget his name)! One last thought: the only fan more annoying than a Leafs fan at the Corel Centre is an Al's fan at Frank Clair. Pretty well ruined it for me! They should put them all in one section, rope them off and not allow them to talk to anyone else!

Just watching the highlights from Frank Clair Stadium, ah, I really like the look of that place and I have been there a few times. Ottawa fans really have a great stadium, great place to watch the Rens.

FCS is a great stadium not a bad seat in the house(except the Beaver Lodge). The only thing I don't like about FCS is the fact they got rid of the East and West end zone stands. As a kid, it was always fun sitting in the wooden west (Bank st.) end zones, trying to catch footballs. The bleachers really had a lot of character, they should bring them back. They were a great promotional way of pulling kids into the stadium because those kids would become future Rider die hard fans. A lot of people will say we can't fill the stadium, so why would you want to build the new End Zone seats ? I say, because they gave a lot of CHARACTER to the place. They have to put something to dress up the end zones, I'm sure it will look really bush league on TV this year. The Beaver Lodge is better than nothing, I sat there one game and but the view was terrible, they should've built it higher. Knowing how cheap the City of Ottawa Council is, fat chance of ever seeing the end zone seats again. It seems that every time we have a Grey Cup, lose the end zone seats.

Hey Ottawa_Rough_Rider (great nickname btw, frig I wish we were called that again), I used to have West End Zone season tickets too. I talked about this in the old Forum, but since Father's Day is coming up, let me reprise my memories.
The season tickets cost $7.00 A FREAKIN' YEAR!! And that was including the Black and White and Exhibition game! Bought them at Goldstein's IGA on Elgin St. But the thing I remember the most was saving up meagre allowances and going down to the Canal to look for empty pop bottles to cash them in so I could buy Playoff tickets for $7.00!!! That was a killer, but great fun. Those were the days. Reminds me of Bobby Curtola......whoops sorry, that was another thread.
Go The New and Improved Rens Go!!!!!


Hey Supersmith,

I think I got mine from IGA also. My first Rider game was in the West End Zones in 1967. Will never forget seeing Russ Jackson, Margene Adkins, Ronnie Stewart, Whit Tucker, Billy Joe Booth, Marshall Shirk, Jay Roberts, Vic Washington, Wayne Giardino, Don Sutherin, Bill Van Burkleo, etc... The West End Zone was a mini-grandstand, made in wood , painted red, white and black, had a small roof on it. When we got tired of sitting there, we would go to the East End zones sometimes if we thought we would have a better crack at catching a football. "Another football for alucky fan compliments of IGA" (Or was it Loeb's ?)

IGA. :!: