Gades getting no respect

IT’s funny how all the writgers, predicters and fans of the CFL are giving the Gade no chance this year.

There’s no way Ottawa will have the same record it did last year. And if we look at last year, the Gades were a better team then their unfortunate records was.

Injuries were the leading cause of the record. Pure and simple if not for loosing key players to injury last season Ottawa would have been much closer to the Ticats than everybody thinks.

Infact even this sites prediction is that the Gades will finish last in the league behind a BlueBomber team that has way less talent in key positions then Ottawa. The Gades will be better then 4 wins (predicted by this site) Come on!!

Ottawa can realistically finish 3rd in the east ahead of Hamilton. Thanks to a more talented QB, some better receivers and some spead, talent and ATTITUDE on D.

Speak up Gade fans, we may not have a championship team… yet but we should be chearing for them and looking for signs of improvement this year.


Way to go MM! I’m with you: no respect (said while straightening tie)! As long as we stay healthy, we can compete and this year we have the money to go out and buy some depth. I’m not too impressed with Hamilton so far so 3rd place is a possibility in my mind.

Go Gades Go!
Kick EE Butt!
North Side Sucks!

Hmmm… after watching Ottawa get clobbered EASILY by Edmonton, that respect you want is going to have to wait. What’s with the smurfs in your secondary, 5’7 and 5’8 players?? going against 6’2 receivers. Actually where was your secondary? Edmonton had an easy time. Ottawa needs a new quarterback as Joseph sucks big time. I think that Ottawa will have trouble winning two or three games this year, and I am not kidding. Expect another miserable season in Ottawa. Any bets on the Gliebermans taking off after the season is over.

Easy now BCCFLFAN, Joseph’s the guy and I’d say pretty much any Eastern Team would be glad to have him. 2 games… Wkhatever. They’ll take 7-8 wins.

That said last nights perfomance was somewhat concerning on Offence. But then again it we as Edmonton that played very well.

I’m less concered with the secondary and the D itself then Ottawa’s O. That’s why we lost the game. The D played very respectable again a pretty dialed Edmonton O. If anything I’d say the reason the 2nd half got ugly would be due to the fact that Ottawa’s D was on the field more then 75% of the time.

We knew the O line was going to be a challenge and it’s going to be a while for them to gel but my biggest concern is A - Joseph’s go to avoid getting creamated and B - Joseph has to scamble somewhat.

Why the hell was he not running around… Do a QB sneak or something to get the D off your back…

He looked like a rookie QB last night…