gades free agents

does anyone know whu the free agents are for the gades at the end of the season?? thanks

The free agents are
Pascal Cheron
George Hudson ( almost resigned according to paper today)
Jason Kralt
Matt Kellet

Kyries Hebert ( almost resigned according to paper today)
Korey Banks
Sean Bennett
Josh Ranek
Johnny Scott
Jerome Haywood

They already resigned Pat Flemming, Donovan Carter, D'shaun Austin and Bo Rogers and are talking extension with Jason Armstead

Does anyone have any updates? I think that we need to try and resign Ranek, Bennett, Banks, Hudson, Cheron, Kralt, Hebert, and maybe Haywood. As for the others, I would give some thought too before I signed them.

no updates that I know about yet

Ranek is a possiblity to re sign... Bennet, Hudson, Hebert will re signed soon. As for Korey Banks?? He'll be gone to the NFL, and if he doesn't, I don't expect him to be back at all.....

Too bad, he's an amazing player

wouldnt banks look nice in blue and gold??

Talk is Hamilton will push hard for Ranek and Hudson if they are not re signed by the 15th of February.

The gades just signed Joseph and are reworking the Hebert deal to satisfy idiot Tom Wright

I heard that Banks, Hebert, Krault, Bennett, Scott and Haywood have signed. had a verbal agreement with Hudson. Lonie seems to be wanting to keep the key guys around for years

Korey Banks will be gone to the NFL... but if you're referring to Brad Banks, that would be cool

Actually I am sure Banks will sign with the Gades because he will not get a guarentee from the NFL, he will be back I am 100% sure

Banks is indeed back and signed

i thought banks resigned