Gades cant get any breaks with the weather

Its rained 5 out of 6 home games this year. Rained hard a city that relies on walk-up crowds, this was bad news. It just gets worse and worse this year.

I'm still going, this has gotta be the week....

Gades 40, Hamilton 14

not only was it raining, it was cold as a mo fo, froze my a$$ off

Grrrrr eeeee aaaaa tttttttt game... still shivvvvveeeeerrrrrriiiiinnnggg...

Hey, i almost got the score right.....FREEZING up in the upper deck last night, felt like about -5.

Memo to the concessions people: Feel free to start selling hot chocolate at some point. Those jumbo beers were freezing my hands.

Things are back on track. Montreal and Calgary have to lose some games but suddenly Oct. 29th might actually mean something.

A Gades game in late October that means something....could it be???

maybe...just maybe it will mean something