Gades / Bombers & The Eastern Division Scenario

Hot Gades vs the Bombers who are showing life signs... who gonna take this one?

I vote Gades in by 12. Speedy Gades D vs Charles Roberts... Should be a good one. Joseph is showing some impressive stuff lately too... Jar your memory bank to the 1st series score vs Sask in last weeks victory...

If Ottawa who's favored over the Bombers, do win... They;ll go 4 pts on the Als who just lost a close one that will hurt even more after this weekend. And with the Argo's who are about to get a dose of reality vs the Eskies.... This could a real stepping stone for Ottawa football.

Btw - the Gades will also get well deserved week off next week after the Bombers game... And, the schedule continues to be favorable for Ottawa this fall as they will also get to play Hamilton and the Bombers 2 more times!!

Ottawa's not going away soon kids!!

ottawa will win, but dont count winnipeg outta the playoffs just yet...they play hamilton next week, so that should tie them with sask. for 4th and ONLY 2 points behind calgary, whos in tough against the if things go good , ottawa will be 4 points up on montreal, and winnipeg only 2 points outta 3rd in the west!

That's why I said signs of life.

By the way, I should be corrected the Gades will play Winipeg 2 times this year not 3. And it's Montreal that will play Ottawa 2 more times. Sorry about that.

Drummer, I'm cheering for your Bombers vs HamTown - do it again!

'my' bombers??? not a bombers i would like to see an interesting race for the third spot in the west...since there will be NO crossover....montreal is in the 3rd spot in the west, and if anyone thinks montreal WON'T be in the playoffs, then your on crack! i repeat: NO crossover this year!

i wish the toronto vs edmonton game was on B4 the ottawa vs winnipeg game...cuz if toronto lost to edmonton, then ottawa would stay first in teh east win or then i wouldnt mind if winnipeg won ( just to make the western race tighter ).

I'd like to see a close game like last night, but I have to rally around my team and say that Winnipeg will win in a very competaive contest. I'm wearing my Winnipeg jersey today to show my support. 8)

The Gades offence has been hot and cold. I'm guessing, and just guessing, that the Offence will be hot tonight. But I don't expect the Bombers to roll over. I'll be listening on the radio...

Ranek Rocks!

does have a LIVE radio-like broadcast of the game? - ottawa's sports radio

Bombers win tonight and win next week, Bombers will be right back into the race for 3rd in the West.

i agree with lion bombers have a chance for 3rd and drummer Toronto will LOSE to Edmonton so Ottawa is in first of the east :smiley:

Lionbacker…have you got a crystal ball or what?..pretty accurate… :smiley:

I knew we would win this game so I picked the Bombers. I was expecting a close game but a blow-out? Way better in my books. Now, we should take care of Hamilton. Sorry guys and that will make us 4-6. Then the true battle comes agaisnt the Riders...

[url=][/url] will be doing broadcast of the game tonight with Toronto @ Edmonton..