3-3 and 6pts ahead of Hamtown. Playoffs possibilities are now looking favorable!!!

As early midseason report card for the Gades, you have to please being a Ottawa fan. And to go into Riderland and squeeze one from them this is amazing.

Sure it was a defensive battle and there seemed to be lots of sputtering from the 2 respective offences - this is a huge moral victory for the Gades.

Nobody would have guessed that Otown would have beaten Montreal and Sask this year!! Awesome.

Ottawa's O - is hot and not but they are at least playing at the level of their opponents. The Ranek/Joseph connection is providing 2 down production which was never there in the past.

Ottawa's D - is bending and not breaking and has shown that when needed it can go and score the TD's themselves. Hats off to Greg Marshall!

It is very sunny in Ottawa today!!!

LETS hope that some OTTAWA fans show up for their next home game?

I don't mean to spoil anything for Gades fans but the Gades being in first in the east is not going to last for very long. Let's be real here, Montreal and Toronto are both going to finish ahead of them in standings at the end of the year. They will be extremely lucky to make 3rd place in the east and prevent the western team from crossing over actually. So just be happy that your team is in the playoff hunt really, like mine is. I think Ottawa will be 5-13 actually, with two wins over Hamilton in the year. Maybe one over Winnipeg for a 6-12 record, but even that is a slim chance.

a little bitter are we? don't underestimate the gades. montreal is playing like $hit lately and anything can happen.

Who are you...Kreskin?? Please wise one, can you tell us ALL the teams records oh, great prognosticating one?
Did you see who Ottawa played to open the season? Not exactly the easiest of scheds...until tonight. Go Gades!

when everyone before the season was saying the Gades were going to be last in the CFL, i said they had a good team and we're going to be 6th or 7th overall. i knew they were going to do good, but i never expected to play this well as a team. what i dont like is that everyone thinks they are a top 3 team right now. they are good, but they have some work to do...i think they will finish the year with a winning record, but barely, maybe 10-8

Actually, you gave a balanced report, MM. No claims that Ottawa was going to win the Grey Cup, or that they were a great team, just a simple statement that they're not a pushover and that they are doing what they need to to win. I wish more fans could be as balanced in their view of their team.

As far as where they finish - I think I put them in 6th at the beginning of the season, and that still looks realistic. They have a lot of work to do to consistently be good, but they're at least putting themselves in a good spot. As for them being 5-13 - I don't think so. I'd be surprised if they were much worse (or better) than 9-9, but after a few bad seasons, that looks pretty good. I think they should make the playoffs, but there's a lot of season left. Good luck.

Only if their fans show up at their next home game?

Jeez Edmonton fans sure are letting me have it for what I say about the Gades only winning a few more games. Gotten more shit from EE fans than Gades fans already what's up with that?. :expressionless:

cause you're not worth it.

MM has a good point. Ottawa has won 2 - arguably 3 - games that they weren't "supposed" to. They've already taken one out of their 3 games vs Montreal (and one of the remaining 2 games is in Ottawa). They haven't played Winnipeg or Hamilton yet. They played BC and Edmonton (the 2nd time) close, and they only have to play Toronto twice (a scheduling screw-up, IMO).

I just really hope they can keep it up! Of course, hosting a playoff game is not out of the question ... but even just making the playoffs would be great. Anything can happen then.

Well we'll just wait and see what happens. That is the good thing about the CFL, always comes down to the last week to decide the playoff games!

The Gades can't give up now either. Their next game will be a big momentum shifter. They're either 3-4 or 4-3. With any luck they could tie the Argos for 1st in the East.

milkman, as a Bombers fan why would you be rooting for the Gades? We want the Bombers to make the playoffs...don't we?

After Week 6 last year:

Montreal: 6-0
Toronto: 4-2
Ottawa: 3-3
Hamilton: 3-3

Ottawa beat Wpg 37-25, Tor 20-10, and Edm 44-15 before losing to Mtl 46-22, Wpg 29-1 and Tor 28-25. That’s when it all seemed to go downhill, but I do believe Jospeph got hurt sometime in there. They did win their 7th game over Calgary 31-30, but that not so much Ottawa winning as Calgary losing it (throwing the ball, for some reason, on 1st down with less than a minute to go and a lead - it got picked off and eventually, Ottawa scored a TD. It was just pathetic). Then they lost 5 games in a row, before beating, you guessed it, Calgary again. They lost the rest of their games.

Don’t get me wrong, I really, really want the Gades to win some football! But the season is still young, and this has happened before - that’s all I’m saying.

Yup, and I say the same thing happens this year. I don't see why people are calling me crazy. It is completely realistic in my opinion to say the Gades will go 5-13 or 6-12.

Big difference this year is that Joseph is healthy. If Kellet recovers we'll have better kicking then last year as well. And the Defense is awesome!!! I'll be at the game next week. With all the injuries, the RoughRiders are going down again!!!

Ranek Rocks!!!