Gable vs Grigsby

The title WAS going to be "Grigsby CUT!!! (If grigsby starts that is)" but i'd hate to draw the ire of more sensitive fans.

Assuming KA can talk grigsby into resigning with the black and gold;

1 - is there enough money for both Girgsby and Gable,
2 - who do you let walk if not?

Irregardless that no one will ever take me seriously again, if ever (grover), I'm going to play devil's advocate and say Grigsby has a better ground game than Gable. I see more drive in the legs and more yards gained after the first hit.

Gable however, is head and shoulders above grigsby out of the back field as a 6th receiver.

Austin went after Grigsby so he's obviously high on his ability.

If you can only keep one, who do you keep?

Who is the best at picking up the blitz?
Who is the best at pass protection?
Who has the best break-out speed?
Who is more durable?
Who has the best combination of these abilities?

Coach has called Gable the best back in the league.
He wins.

I believe I've heard it said numerous times that Austin rates an RB in the following order:

  1. Ability to block
  2. Ability to catch the ball out of the backfield
  3. Ability to run with the ball

I did feel that we got more production out of the ground game after Grigsby came in, but we've only got a couple games of evidence to go on there. Considering how highly Austin has spoke of Gable in regards to the first two attributes, I think he'll take Gable if we can only have one of them.

I'd probably keep Gable myself as it seems every year there's a break out running back in the CFL who you've forgotten the name of by next year. A guy with skill #3 seems to be easier to find than one with skill #1.

We should find a way to keep both of these guys, Grigsby is a horse, Gable is more speed and Moves.
If it came down to one or the other I'm with Grigsby.

Irregardless that no one will ever take me seriously again, if ever (grover), I'm going to play devil's advocate and say

LB is irregardless really a word ?

Good to see that you've learned from the Lefevour incident. One small correction: it's not just the "more sensitive fans" who don't like completely misleading thread titles, it's 99% of us.

Also, I vote Gable. If he gets back to 2013 form, he's the one guy on the roster whose spectacular play-making ability can make up for the (at least temporary) loss of Banks in 2015.

the reaction is however, hilarious, and the prank, completely harmless.

Austin seems to love guys taking passes out of the backfield. If they both stay, I wonder if they would go shotgun 2 backs 4 receivers?

Despite it's awkwardness and the irregularity of it's use, yes.

I think it is Gable's job to lose.
Gable would and should be ahead of Grigsby on Austin's depth chart.

From the Oxford Dictionary:

Irregardless means the same as regardless, but the negative prefix ir- merely duplicates the suffix -less, and is unnecessary. The word dates back to the 19th century, but is regarded as incorrect in standard English.

Depends on how much Gable has recovered from his injury.

The thing is Gable is an exceptionally good blocking RB, and in Austin's pass happy offense, it's something you need, and we know he has zero locker room issues which Grigsby, I doubt has locker room issues (I think Winnipeg itself is one big locker room issue) but it is there. That being said, Grigsby is probably the better runner. Overall, I'd pick CJ but you never know how much of the player will come back after a big injury.

This is a no brainer really,it's Gable by a landslide,Grigsby is currently a FA while CJ is signed up for next year. The Cats simply have too many FA's that are more important to the team than Grigsby and I'm thinking that re-signing him is pretty low on Austin's priority list at this time. The Cats also have Madu coming back next season as well as the little used but more affordable Ojuri to back up CJ. It was great that Grigsby became available when he did so late in the season,but I feel he was really just a stop gap because of our depleted running back situation at the time and filled an immediate need but if the team was thinking long term with him than you would have to think that they would've re-signed him up for this season at least instead of allowing him to remain on a contract that allowed him to become a pending FA this season. Like I said before Austin has other FA's that are much more of a priority to the ongoing success of this team (Banks,Grant,Hickman,Reed,LeFevour)that need to be addressed first before worrying about Grigsby,who by the way I thought did a commendable job for the short time he was here,but unless something drastic happens I really can't see him being back for next season.

I don't agree it's a no brainer. Gable is a better blocker, Grigsby is a better runner.

I agree with Hammer, much depends on Gable's injury recovery.

I'd say sign Grigsby, let them compete in training camp, keep the better one, cut the other.

I'm willing to bet that Grigsby won't be back this season or even be offered a contract offer by the team before the FA deadline in February. Like I said earlier I don't think the team will have the room financially to re-sign him. I think that you could compare the late season pickup of Grigsby along the lines of what they would call a rental player in the NHL that is acquired at the trade deadline for a push with a team heading towards the playoffs. He served a purpose,but I don't think that Austin was thinking long term when they picked him up last year,more like stop gap due to injuries at the position.