Gable, number change??

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Number change alert

is back

Isn't Tyms #2 ?

He was, but maybe he's grabbed #1 now that Hill is gone?

Do I get a refund on the #32 Gable jersey I bought yesterday?

I'm surprised anyone's considering buying numbered Ticats jerseys at this time of club turmoil. Pull the Nic Grigsby #2 jersey out of the closet and change the name patch. Let's hope Gable's future here is longer than Nic's ever was.

The #1 is cursed for the Ticats. No one who has worn it has done anything much since Earl Winfield. Casey Printers, Arland Bruce, Will Hill. I'm sure there must be others I'm forgetting.

No. Just remove the "3"....

Burris.... "not an Austin guy" ??

Don't forget his 6-12 record in 2012 & how he shat the bed in GC 2013.

First Ticat QB to get in that bed since Danny Mac.
And he played an epic game the week prior to get us past the blue team.

Not a fan of Burris and the way he disparaged Hamilton when he left.
However, he was great in that 2013 eastern final.
But it was a WHOLE team effort that won the day.

Never liked Burris & wasn't happy when he became a Ticat. But you're right, he was wildly inconsistent. 8)

It would appear that Gable and Tyms were just having some fun at practice by switching up numbers . The depth chart for tomorrows game shows that Gable is indeed sporting his usual #32 and Tyms wearing his #2 jersey . :smiley: 8)

The best thing to do while buying a Jersey especially in the CFL is buy without a name plate or buy a classic name and number. I learned that many years ago when I bought a #19 Shephard jersey and he was gone the following training camp.

My son ordered a 72 Erik Cole Canadiens jersey and the day it came in the mail Cole was traded to Dallas!

That Johnny Shepherd jersey would look awesome today. That's always the other route: pick a classic player like Zambiasi, Covington, Montford, Hitchcock, Winfield, McManus, Flutie, etc.

  1. How right you are habcat, best to buy a name and # of an old time TiCat star, like, Henley,
    Barrow, Coffey, Mosca, Fleming, Krouse etc.
    Hey, funny, I still have a #19 Shephard jersey also :slight_smile:
    I played it safe with my NHL jerseys, Kane and Toews, at least I know they will be with the
    Hawks for the next several years anyway !! :smiley:

I did that years ago with #77 on my jerseys.
1960s - Hal Patterson
1970s - Tony Gabriel
1980s - Grover Covington
1990s - Mike Philbrick
2000s... - ???
No need to worry about player movement, especially in these days of free agency :slight_smile:

That's funny that you should mention about your son's #72 Erik Cole Canadiens jersey and how he was traded to Dallas on the day it arrived . The reason it's so funny is that the exact same thing happened to my daughter's boyfriend when he ordered and finally got his Cole jersey . ;D.

Speaking of Ti-Cats jerseys , I had a pair of them in the Eighties , a white visitors #31 Ben Zambiasi game jersey and a black home #16 Howard Fields game jersey . The Zambiasi shirt had a nameplate on the back but for whatever reason the Fields one never did get a nameplate put on it and I never did get around to getting one put on (can't remember exactly why now ) The thing of it is though is that for everyone who said to me "Hey nice #16 Fields shirt " I had just as many other people comment on how nice my #16 Chuck Ealey shirt was . 8)

Yes exactly That 77 is good for the ages

That is funny. My son didn't find it funny neither did i but I do now I don't think he's ever worn it...poor kid!

Burris!!!! :o :D(But don`t tell HIM that!)