Gable is Able - Give Him the Ball!

Gable needs to be used in our O for us to be successful.

I was miffed at why he was absent other than 3 carries in game 1. Especially with the kind of pressure SSK was getting, you would think a quick hitch pass allowing gable to use his legs for some yardage would have forced the green riders to back off the blitz.

He is far to versatile to be used only as a blocking back, and to talented not to be getting touches.

The recipe is really that simple. Run the ball (successfully) and we win. Don't, and we lose.

Hopefully Kent Austin abides by that tonight. I have my doubts, though.

as caretaker stated, we need more threads about football in the top five, so I'm bumping this.

last game there was a marked improvement in our offense, and when gable got the ball - despite our starting QB being hurt.

This guy creates opportunities for himself and the offense, and we HAVE to give him the ball to continue to succeed.

The Oline needs to improve before the running game will improve. Hard to run through pancaked Olinemen to find a hole.

Against Edmonton we had a 10 point lead and possession of the ball with 9:46 left in the 4th quarter. When we should have been feeding Gable, Austin neglected him instead. Zero rushes and one catch the rest of the game. Meanwhile, an interception and two fumbles by the back-up quarterbacks.

Kent Austin office is known for Being pass 1st
Pass 2nd and maybe run here or there
I agree with O-line we need to run the dam ball .

Just don’t see a Run 1st offence with this coaching staff

The Robo in Robofan209 must be because your posts are a rather robotic statement of gloom and doom. You must have your pessimism chip in.

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every Media outlet the country has The stamps Winning this
Even Chris schultz has the Stamps winning

At Saskatchewan, at Edmonton, and now at Calgary to start the season is a challenge for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. And with the news that Tim Hortons Field will not be ready on time, that takes an edge of enthusiasm away. But, welcome to pro football, where if you can’t accept and handle adversity then you will fade away. Hamilton did a remarkable job with it last year and there’s no reason they won’t handle it this summer as professionals. Bigger problem is the Week 4 competition in Calgary. Is it too early to say the next quarterback star in this league is Bo Levi Mitchell? He may have the best supporting cast around him in comparison to what Drew Willy and Mike Reilly have as young quarterbacks, but he is as real as it gets. As long as Calgary does not self-implode, I just can’t see them losing. And I can only see Hamilton winning if Jeremiah Masoli or Dan LeFevour self-explodes with an excellent performance. I’m going with Calgary.

Actually, on this I have to agree with robofan. I too think KA is obsessed with a passing offence. More glory for the QB? It may actually be raining tomorrow in Calgary for the game (½ inch forecast) but I bet Cats stay with the pass.

It why Kent was fired in Toronto when he was the OC for not mixing up enough

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that's a pretty brutal stat... but numbers don't always tell the whole tale.

then again... this year's trend would seem to point that Austin would rather air it out then let Gable grind out the yardage we know he can get us.

At the start of this season Gable publicly stated his goals for 2014 -- 1000 yds. rushing and 1000 yds. receiving.
Now, 1/6 of the season is past and he's on target for season totals of 342 yds. rushing and 384 receiving.
By comparison, while Chevy's receiving stats for Ottawa are almost identical, he's on track for 1284 rushing yds.

But Gable needs the "O" line to make holes for him. If they give it to him every time then the defense just keys on him.
With a rookie QB they are going to have to set up the screen to him.

Gable was more than able last night, rushing for 62 yards on just 6 carries (10.3 yd. avg + 1TD) and tops on the team with 105 yards receiving on just 3 catches.(35 yd. avg)

Gable and Banks provide the Cats with fantastic versatility and great rotational options for Condell to create.

Hope we can retain the services of Banks as this speedster will emerge as a bonafide star this season.

3 deadblacks left in his trail!

Both Drew and Milty were raving about how Gable was blocking for LeFevour!
He was outstanding picking up their Blitzes.

Didn't one of those dudes tackle Gable on this play?

Yes, an illegal "horse collar" tackle at the 1 yard line.
If it was a legal tackle, Gable would have fallen forward into the end zone for a TD.
Le Fevour punched it in 2 plays later.

Gable had a nice game. He's rock solid in blocking and decent in the passing game. The Cats' run attack still needs some work though. Take away Gable's long almost a TD run and the remaining run game was 15 yards on 5 attempts. They need better production out of the run. I'm not sure if it is a blocking thing or if teams are sniffing out the play pre-snap. LeFevour had a good game on the ground but a lot of those yards were gained on broken passing plays.

That "almost a TD run" was a screen pass for 82 yards in Q4 actually. CJ's rushing TD was in Q1 for 47 yards.