Gable/Grigsby 1-2 punch?

Austin is a hug Gable fan for his multipurpose ability. Although with Gable as the sole back their Running game did struggle.
Grigsby is a speciafic ball carrying dynamic RB. Reallt not much to Austin's style but his addition late last season the running game quickly got a boost.
Will it be realistic to get both onto the 44 at the same time.
Will Austin seriously look at a two back system. With Gable as the Main back and Grigsby come in as a change up back on a regular basis?

It also wouldn't surprise me at all if Gable gets pushed into the slot from time to time as well.

Both backs in a set together is very possible. See more teams using 2 RB sets.
Woodson's acquisition will likely see him doing the same as a multi purpose National RB/SB now

Possibly, but I would think that would be in VERY limited scenarios - similar to Troy Davis lining up at WR. Gable is FAR too valuable for his blocking and blitz pick-up ability in protecting Collaros - in fact, he takes enormous pride and enjoyment in blocking his defensive opponents - for this formation to be used extensively.

Still, I'm getting the "warm fuzzies" with the potential of our offensive weapons, one just hopes the O-line can hold their own...

True but it does give them options out of a formation that would include both Gable and Grigsby. It could include a running play with Grigsby having Gable sliding closer to line of Scrimmage to block. Grigsby releasing into a safety valve while Gable can stay in and block. Or even a change up where Grigsby will be asked to block as Gable releases into a pass pattern.
Agree securing a 3rd National Olineman to mix what looks to be Figueroa stepping up as LT and Simmons on the right side possibily pushing back out to RT spot.
With three solid ratio spots on defense likely to include starting 4 Nationals.
On offense will be 4 ratio spots. Adding a 3rd National lineman likely gives them 5 starting Nationals 3 Oline and two receivers. Enables for flexible formations.
Last season two quality National Receivers and two Olineman secured a solid 4 ratio spots. Although when Fantuz was hurt a weak link had to be added at receiver with Coates having to move to WR

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Unless they trade for an O-lineman, my guess is that likely there will be four ratio spots on offense, likely 2 National O-linemen and two National receivers.

When Fantuz and Watt are playing, they play in four receiver/two running back sets allowing both Gable and Grigsby in the backfield.

If one of Fantuz and Watt get injured, then Woodson or Prime will be in the backfield when there are two running back sets and then another national (Coates or April or Woodson lining up as a slot or maybe someone they will draft or trade for) becomes the second national receiver. Grigsby and Gable will not be on the field at the same time.

I am not sure Coates is the guy but Austin did go and acquire Aprille so it may be time to begin to work him in as the 3rd National receiver.
Woodson as an option moving into a SB role is something I think has a lot of potential. A skill player that was a natural RB is finally healthy and now has been around the CFL for a few season’s. Already began making that transition in Toronto. Certainly would be the reason that they acquired him in free agency.
With the Aquisiton of Woodson gives them a multipurpose National offensive player as well. With a couple of TE in the draft and attending the CFL Combine. Austin may be very interested in finding a replacement for Delahunt allowing Prime to move back to his natural MLB spot. With a more limited role on offense strictly as an extra blocking TE.