Gable displaces Walker as starting RB

from Drew:

[b]Running back

Newcomer C.J. Gable looks to have displaced last year's rookie sensation, Chevon Walker, as the starting tailback for the Ticats. The USC product is a big body who can run between the tackles and outside while also catching balls out of the backfield and picking up the blitz (something Walker struggled with.)

The only thing Gable doesn't have is Walker's breakaway speed and they'll get that from Lindsey Lamar, who will be featured in some offensive sets, while also serving as the team's primary kick returner.

At fullback, rookie John Delahunt has been a revelation at training camp — a 6-foot-3, 243-pounder who likes to mix it up with the, big boys but can also catch passes in the open field. He'll see time as a tight end as well.[/b]

No surprise there. I thought Walker lacked the put-your-head-down, smash-mouth style of tough running that Cobourne gave us.

Curious to see if, or how, Austin utilizes his speed.

Walker is also hurt. Why are so many people in a hurry to run this guy out of town ?

who is trying to run Walker out of town?

The guy is clearly talented with great speed.
personally, I see Walker not as an RB, yet more as a slot or slant type receiver in a Nik Lewis vein.

Walker isn't round enough to be Nik Lewis.

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true but who is?

and nothing that a few extra flapjacks (doused in creamy butter and syrup) can't remedy.

So many?

Who are you referring to?

Who is trying to run him out of town?

CJ Gable did not impress me at all in the preseason....if Walker is hurt, I get that you want to rest him and I get you want to reserve Lamar for Special teams. However as a full on starter, I don't know he ran for quite a few losses and if I recall fumbled the ball during the preseason (and no it wasn' Brohm's fault, gable had ample time to secure the football). Not too worried. Our ground attack just needs to keep opposing defenses honest, it doesn't need the mount huge gains. Our recievers are perfectly capable of making up the yards.

Walker is hurt but Austin certainly likes what Gable brings.

From Milton,

[b]But it was Gable who was ascending to the lead-dog role even before Walker was hurt. Among other abilities, he can and will play special teams, returning kickoffs and occupying a key blocking role on punts. Lamar, obviously, will also contribute on special teams.

Denied a starter's job in his final season at USC, Gable lost draft-year momentum and after a couple of NFL camps and a quick look at the Indoor Football League he ended up in Hamilton this spring via a free-agent camp. While the Cats like all three backs, Gable seems to possess the most complete Austin-friendly portfolio of skills.

"A tailback flourishes in our offence when he can do all the phases of the game," Austin says. "Running, blocking and pass catching … and not just catching but understanding the routes and what the quarterback is trying to do. And having an understanding conceptually of where he fits, why he fits and when he fits makes that position very valuable."[/b]

Austin is going to start the players that give the team the best chance to win