Gable and Bomben - unsung difference makers

Talk about two guys who made a huge difference last night with little (no?) recognition: Gable and Bomben.

Gable was rock solid pass blocking all night long. I don't think he missed a block against what I think is pretty strong defensive line for Toronto.

Bomben was a monster picking up down field blocks and looked great.

If those two guys had been healthy at the end of last year I think we would have won the Eastern Final. With them on the field Masoli had enough time to shine.

Great analysis guelph! For a contrast, watch the game again and take a look at how Chick, Lawrence and Dean abused Whittaker all night. As a result, Ray had trouble finding time to step up and throw. A back with blocking skills give an offence a huge advantage.

8) Another guy that has not been mentioned much, TiCat MLB, Larry Dean !!
  He looked great out there, always involved in the pass rush, and being involved in the sack losses for poor Ray !!

  I really enjoyed being at the game, the atmosphere was fantastic, and BMO is a great stadium to watch football.

  I would even go back there to watch another CFL game, not even involving the TiCats !!

   Congrats to the Argos, they have done a great job with BMO Field !!   <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Dean looked very good! The defence was just off-the-charts good last night! I think Toronto was better than last year and will be competitive - just not with us.

When healthy I think Gable is the best back in the CFL. An MOP candidate.

I agree in general with what people are saying in this thread, but I think Ray will become more dangerous as he gets his sea legs back.

I find it hard to say anything nice about the Argos and keeping in that vain I think the days of being an elite CFL QB for Ray is done.
Looked to me like he had lost the ability to stretch the field with a deep throw and he is not a threat even in the least on the ground. Easy to scheme when you always know where to find him. Also with age comes fragile body. I don't wish any bad fortune but I don't see Ray escaping the injury bug this season. I say mid pack QB for 2/3rds of the season with 1/3rd spent on the sidelines. I should proof read to make sure I didn't say anything nice :wink:

Great to have a back that can block. But, he didn't do a great job running. Just saying.

I think it remains to be seen how well he can stretch the field, but his strengths have always been accuracy and decisionmaking, which are things we wouldn't be surprised to see rust on after playing so little last year. I think it's a mistake to make conclusions about him so shortly after his return.

And I was shocked Toronto didn't try harder to establish a ground game. Ray's weaknesses are magnified when the team lacks balance in their attack.

The biggest thing I noticed about Larry Dean was on the turnover on downs. Just before the snap, he was right on the line and shifted a couple of the Linemen, around, making last second adjustments.

Based on?

Good running backs need to carry the ball. Not garbage time carries either. Eleven carries??? Really?

Granted, the tickets weren't running much. But, when he did get the ball, he didn't gain many yards. He actually did better rushing in garbage time.

The Argo OLine needs help at the guard positions. The guys last night were on roller skates. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

8) They did sign their big free agent acquisition , Josh Bourke, Pat !!
  He's the guy that stated how much he hated Hamilton !!  I guess he detests us now !!!       <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Gable is fantastic at blocking but the Cats offense still seems one dimensional. Pass, pass and pass. They need to mix it up a bit more with running plays. Gable seems like he can get 5-6 yards on every carry and they need to incorporate that a little more to keep the opposing defenses guessing.

I'm wondering if the Als were keying on the run, knowing the running abilities of both Gable and Masoli, which opened up the pass. Also, the pass was working, so why not keep going with it?

Such a team effort from the coaching to team play this was something to behold. I hope it doesn't set the expectations to high for the rest of the season. This game surprised a lot of Fans and press people especially me, But what a great game. :thup: :thup: What about Some Money Lawrence. :cowboy: