Gabe Carimi is now a future CFLer

The Chicago Bears starting right offensive tackle is BRUTAL! His name, Gabe Carimi. Wears #72.

Carimi was drafted 29th overall by Chicago in the 2011 NFL draft.

With him playing worse then any O-linemen i have EVER seen. I bet some CFL GM's are prepared to add him (if he's not already) on a Neg list.

If you havent seen Carimi play, simply watch the highlights of him (#72) at Right Tackle vs the 49ers D-line.

Heres Gabe Carimi's player page:

What makes you think he is good enough to play in the CFL?

Did not say he was good enough. But when your a 1st round NFL talent, alot of CFL teams take notice. And he will get a shot in the CFL if his NFL career comes crashing down.

Wow CFLNFL that's a great observation.

He sounds to me already like another NFL draft bust. And for sure like DoubleBlue says, he might not even be good enough for the CFL with some of its defensive ends who are just as quick as in the NFL though not as big and strong.

About 23 years ago via one of the biggest draft busts ever, Tony Mandarich, it became evident that merely incredible size and strength wouldn't do it any more for sake of an offensive lineman in the NFL.

Some of these mammoth dudes do just fine in college football where overall athleticism and size can prevail against all but the top defenses, but no way in pro football.

It does not matter in any pro league when the lineman does not have good feet let alone the instincts to pick up various defensive rush and blitz schemes.

Here's another terrible starting right tackle though not a draft bust, Doug Free of the Dallas Cowboys:

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The bottom line here for such news about a "change in position" in Dallas is that high effort is being made to salvage him due to that massive contract from 2011.

I will start a new topic called "Current NFLers, Future CFLers" so we can post players like Gabe Carimi, etc etc there.