G&M - "The Best of Canada" series with Cohon and Calvillo

[b]The Globe and Mail
The Best of Canada: What 20 recognized Canadians say about their country and its people

We asked 20 famous Canadians from the arts, business, sports and news communities to tell us what they think is greatest about Canada[/b]


[b][i]What is unique about Canada?
Answer: The culture of giving to people less fortunate

"I think of CFL players who represent the best of Canada by contributing their time in the community, doing things for under-privileged children and bringing them out to games. I have great respect for Mike McCullough of the Saskatchewan Roughriders because he has dedicated a great part of his life to the cause of curing Muscular Dystrophy, after he lost his young son to that disease. Marwan Hage of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats puts great effort into doing various food drives for families who are less fortunate. He has traveled to many places to do these drives and is very dedicated to it. Our country has been built through immigration and people seeking a better opportunity in Canada, seeking strong family values. Marwan is an example of that, coming to Canada from Lebanon."[/i][/b]


[b][i]What place is uniquely Canadian in your mind?
Answer: The cobblestone streets of old Montreal


"When I think of home, I think of Old Montreal. It's definitely unique. You go around Canada, there's nothing like it and that's true for pretty much all of North America. When I first got here, I didn't realize the importance of the history. When I finally got to Europe with my wife a few years ago, it really sunk in what this city represents."[/i][/b]

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