G.M./COACH scenarios

just a couple of thoughts to throw around as we (hopefully) come to the end of the road in the search.
first, if obie is the guy, i could see either dave ritchie or jacques as the HC.in either case, i think steff kruck(lions co-o.c.)could move east and take the same job, only on his own-he would be a good hire.
leave bundy as the d.c.(only if jacques is H.C. as ritchie is a D guy.and bring mike benevides(lions ST coach,who is from t.o., or former cat,argo,als ST guru
daryl edralin-major talent upgrade.
if mike gets the job,i could see him keeping charlie
but he'll need a major upgrade at O.C. and still need a ST coach-fill in edralin and leave bundy as D.C.

whatever they do, i think everyone agrees that it's time the cats make a friggin' statement to the rest
of the league-and do it now so that they are in the best position to choose from only the best, and not ncaa division 5 AAA coaches from southwestern humboldt
state college of applied arts.let's go scott, 2008 has to be the year the cats start to take steps back to glory.
why hasn't the "guy" been hired yet...anyone?

city legend
p.s.-i think the old logo on a yellow lid would be awesome-does anyone remember the alternate steelers helmets from this year?

  1. No to Helen Keller, defensive playcaller, year two. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anybody but O'Neil!

  1. Yes, the old logo on a GOLD lid would be awesome...then again, those were the good old days. LOL

I'm not certain whether the coordinator raid of the Lions you suggest would be allowed by Buono. Seriously. We likely would get whoever might be available as free agents, not by Wally releasing members of his staff to accept horizontal posts. One usually gets permission to go for promotions from other teams (position coach to coordinator, coordinator to head coach, or player personnel director to GM as in Obie's case).

Oski Wee Wee,

We will NOT have a HC who has never been a successful CFL head coach so forget about Jacques C.

The Cats have failed putting together an effective coaching staff in the recent past.
The best way to predict the future is to look at the past.
Past performance will be the guide to a great coaching staff.

Right now the bets are on Obie as GM. I'll bet he knows just who he wants as Head Coach.
One more bet...Scott Mitchell's job is on the line over this hiring project so I expect the HC will be no stranger to anyone. Whoever it is. Mitchell can't afford any experiments.